EA Exec: The PS Vita ‘Has A Better Chance Than 3DS’

EA Exec: The PS Vita ‘Has A Better Chance Than 3DS’

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau, in an interview with CVG, has stated that he believes that the “Vita has a better chance” than the 3DS at launch. The reason? A stronger launch line-up and a more flexible feature set.

Gibeau does acknowledge, however, that the market has evolved, making it difficult for any dedicated handheld device to succeed.

“I think that part of the videogame business is tough right now,” said Gibeau, “because they have had some significant competition come in that was totally disruptive, and that was the smartphone.

“I think [Sony has]got a shot because they have some really unique innovation in the control scheme, the technology and the screen. It’s got a lot of social features now so that you can actually communicate with your friends and be social.”

According to Gibeau, EA will definitely support the device.

“I think Vita has a better chance because it has a stronger title slate at launch,” he claimed. “PSP’s had a great run in Europe as a device, it seems to have reached a much larger audience here than it did in North America. So I think they’ve got a good shot. We’re going to publish a few games on it and see how it develops.”

Personally I’m looking forward to the Vita launch. With it’s definitive feature set and processing power, it really does feel like something of a last stand for dedicated handheld devices and I hope it succeeds — I like handheld gaming and I need my buttons!

EA: PS Vita ‘has a better chance than 3DS [CVG]


  • Yeah, convergence will catch up with this stuff. Sony are trying it already with the PS Phone thing… I can’t imagine anyone at Sony isn’t expecting a Vita-like handheld with phone type features in the very near future. Not so soon as to kill the Vita, but soon.

  • But does it have Pogeymons franchise?
    No. No it does not.

    Also, everytime I look at that UI, I’m always surprised by how ugly it is.

    Man, this comment is overly negative. First part was just a joke, second thing is… well, it’s ugly. Not trying to be Nintendo fanboyish or anything. /o\

  • Thats great Sony BUT look at the installed DS user base. These people still buy games for the DS. Can the vita brick compete with that plus the mobile phone game brigade who dont see the need for a handheld? I wonder what the bookies are offering on sony taking out nintendo in the handheld market. LYNX/GAMEGEAR/PSP powers activate

    • But that’s the problem

      Nintendo is yet to actually release anything that makes it worthwhile to jump from the DS to the 3DS

    • The PSP install base is nothing to be sneezed at, over 70 million of the things… I don’t believe they will beat the DS brigade as you mention, but I think they have a good chance of closing the gap some more.

      Especially, since that any PSN user who has purchased any PSP, PSone, Mini games from PSN over the last 2 years will have games they can play on the Vita. Plus the unknown factor of PS3/Vita game compatibility, the game Ruin will have a bundled PS3/Vita version, that you can play at home, transfer the save and take the game with you.

      There is enough in the launch lineup for me personally for a Day 1 purchase, but I agree with Gibeau, the Vita has a lot of potential with it’s feature set that ties into the PlayStation family, something I don’t think the 3DS has done so well with the rest of the Nintendo products.

      • I hope that Sony do close the gap. The (rumoured) 3DS revision and price drop just proves how complacent Nintendo have become. The launch line up was ridiculous and lets not even talk about the wii/Ds online shenanigans. I for one will buy a vita and hope sony can close in on Gameboy revision number X – We as consumerscan only benefit

  • The thing Sony HAS to do is launch the Vita with a killer lineup of games.

    You can have the best looking, best performing best price device but if there are no games for it no one other then fanboys will buy it, take a look at the 3DS and the current situation Nintendo are in now, if they launched the 3DS with the lineup of games that is coming this christmas then Nintendo would be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Plus… killer lineup and slash your expectations, i think Nintendo set the bar a little to high with the 3DS thinking it will fly off the shelf, which it did until it sunk in there are no decent games.

  • I’m going back to my Gameboy Advance SP and Pokemon Gold/Silver, that’s the only handheld action I need. 😛

    • Man, that statement is just screaming out for a response that I shall refrain from making due to the family-oriented nature of this site.

  • Yeah, well its not really difficult to be better then the 3DS lol

    Still, nintendo did win me over with the ambassador program. At least convinced me not to trade it in for a while

  • I half expect this to die too, but things seem to at least sound like it has a solid chance, despite a few cons.

    The Vita needs to feel like it’s connected to the rest of the world, which it’s ‘social features’ should help accomplish, and so forth.

    At least they have EA on board to throw quantity at it (rather than quality hehe)

  • Just ‘show & tell’ me there’s a new Metal Gear game coming on the Vita and you can have all my money.

  • The only reason I bought a 3DS was for Zelda Ocarina of time,Since then Ive regreted buying the stupid think and wish I had just kept my DSI XL.
    And now my plan of trading In my 3DS for a PSVITA has come undone as Nintendo has slashed the price to $199 greatly decreasing Its trade value I HATE NINTENDO.

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