EA Holding Back Supply Of The Old Republic For A Smooth Launch

EA Holding Back Supply Of The Old Republic For A Smooth Launch

EA Holding Back Supply Of The Old Republic For A Smooth LaunchGame Informer are reporting that EA intend to hold back digital and box copies in order to provide a smooth launch for The Old Republic, avoiding some of the roadblocks most MMOs encounter early in their lifespan.

According to the rep EA has already decided on the number, but isn’t read to announce it yet.

It’s an interesting strategy, and probably accounts for the fact that Australia and other regions won’t be receiving the game day one.

Many MMOs suffer from networking issues in the first weeks of release, and EA is clearly trying to avoid those same issues – but it just shows the confidence EA has in the game and the brand of Star Wars. Its clearly banking on the idea that positive word of mouth and holding back copies of the game will instill a sort of unique need for MMO fans to get involved.

I’m in two minds about the strategy – on the one hand it feels like clever marketing to trust in the brand and know that players will come – getting it right for the early adopters is smart in that sense – but EA will have to be careful with regards to the amount of people it lets online to begin with.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Launch Copies Limited For Retail And Digital [Game Informer]


  • It will be interesting though, alot of people want what they can’t have… so this limited/timed release of games could actually somewhat work

  • This is all probably because EA were burned by Warhammer: Age of Reckoning – high initial volume of users (~800k) that diminished dramatically (~300k) post-launch (over 3-4 months), resulting in the need to consolidate servers. This ended up costing EA heaps due to redundant infrastructure. It seems like they’re trying to avoid the same problem this time around, but ultimately it’s the fans who are impacted.

    • the reason WAR failed was because they refused to offer a trial and so everyone who wanted to move away from WOW didnt because they didnt wont to waste their money on an MMO they might not even like. by the time they did offer a trial it was 2 late and everyone was already leaving due to lack of numbers and peer pressure to stay with WOW because WAR was to much of a risk.

  • EA and bioware are large enough I don’t see a need for this, other than penny pinching.

    Add to this the shamble that has been origin vs steam, the “We’ll delete your keys if you don’t play for and the horrible experiences that have been mass effect and daII, and how they’ve been oddly quite about features, previews and reviews makes me think the game will just be terrible, either by being a flop of a game, or having terrible support/performance.

    The best part is the NCSoft West staff on the project.. it screams the same mistakes as Aion.

  • I think the delayed release would go much better if EA offered us some of those nice shiny collector editions.

  • I also heard that they are going to require players to have a constant internet connection while playing the game. Tyrants.

  • I have no I idea what the author is talking about but it is clear that EA are being cheap buggers as usual, they sold 200,000 in the first 6 days and are outselling Battlefield 3, they are pretty much guaranteed to make at least 10x back from SWTOR maybe allot more.

    They should spend some of their precious dollars and put a shit load of servers down just in case and if the servers get flooded in the first week everyone will understand its what happens with almost all mmo releases.

    To discriminate against some country’s because of there population count is arrogant and disgraceful.

  • They had a Bad experience with WAR. And ended up with a bunch of servers a month later that they didn’t use because the population wasn’t there.

    and since they are publically traded i can understand the trepidation associated with releasing a game and in 3 months time having 2 times as much hardware as you need.

    The Biggest issue they are going to have is they are going to pull alot of people in real fast because of the IP. and then 2 months in alot of those people will go slinking back to their regular MMO’s for one reason or another. When things like WoW clone etc start getting thrown around.

    This will probably when they start releasing to those regions not getting a launch day release.

    Is it fair that one nation misses out over another. Hell No.

    And in an ideal world where this still had to be done. They would be saying right 1million copies. the first million pre orders are guaranteed a copy.

    The Biggest worry are the people who will go into bestbuy or the like(if the store Copies really do become limited) and start selling them all on ebay at 10 dollars profit. To those who either miss out in america because they sell out. Or to sell to those in other regions of the world

  • oh and i still think the biggest issue is that they aren’t telling the other regions when they’ll be let in.

    Like if they said you’ll have a 2 month waiting period. I think people would be less up in arms.

    I mean we could be looking at delays on a Rock band 1 scale here 😀

  • Makes sense. Instead of buying hundreds of servers then retiring 90% of them within the first three months, they can ensure they have enough servers for launch in one region, then roll these over to serve another region as populations decline.

  • So what….. Aussies can’t buy the game on day one because they think that holding back copies will get more sold…. makes sense perfect…… and this is why we hate EA…….. Way to go theres about a quater of your market that will lose faith in your company

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