EA2D Studio Is Now BioWare San Francisco

EA2D Studio Is Now BioWare San Francisco

Electronic Arts has converted their EA2D studio, the developers behind social games such as Dragon Age Legends, Dragon Age Journeys and Fancy Pants Adventures into BioWare San Francisco. The San Francisco branch will join BioWare’s other locations in Montreal, Austin, Edmonton, Virginia and Ireland. [Gamasutra]


  • This really makes me sad. EA2D did some fantastic work (this particular article forgets the great work they did with Mirror’s Edge 2D), and it’s an absolute travesty to see them shoved under the BioWare moniker, probably to be relegated to secondary Dragon Age and Mass Effect titles.

    • And they may possibly make another game just as good as Mirrors 2D.

      A rose by any other name still smells like poo poopoo.

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