Earthquake? QUICK! To Twitter!

An Earthquake hit Virginia today, and we felt tremors all up and down the east coast. Instead of seeking shelter or whatever you do when an earthquake hits, the games industry took to twitter to make jokes. Seems reasonable to us.

Cliff Bleszinski, Epic Games

Pete Hines, Bethesda

Michael Zenke, Sony Online Entertainment

Eric Zimmerman, Gamelab

Chris Kohler, Wired Magazine

Richard Garriott, Destination Games

Again from Cliff Bleszinski, Epic Games

Kirk Hamilton, Kotaku

Darth Vader, Freelance Game Journalist

Peter Molyneux, Lionhead Studios

And another from Pete Hines, Bethesda (this one comes with pics!)

Jason Schreier,


    love Peter Molyneux's post.

    Jen, you realise that @petermolydeux is not the real peter molyneux it's just a joke twitter account.

    Peter molyneux's twitter is @pmolyneux

    Jason Schreier's post is worth the effort of scrolling through the rest.

    "...and we felt tremors all up and down the east coast."

    Thanks for localising.

    lol the last one was by far the best...

    People here near Detroit said they thought they felt it. I told them if they had to say "think" then they didn't feel it :-P

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