EB Games Has An Exclusive Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Collector's Edition

I have so much junk in house that I just ignore Collector's Editions, but I knew that you chaps and chapettes would want to be informed of this - a Skyrim Collector's Edition exclusive to EB. Incredibly, the whole thing actually seems like a decent deal.

The Collector's Edition costs $88 to pre-order and contains the following...

- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game - Skyrim Steelbook - 100 Page A5 Skyrim Debossed Notebook - Premium Physical Map - 4 Collectable Art Cards

It's seems very reasonable - less than the usual RRP with some interesting additions. Generally the thing most likely to make me splash out on a Collector's Edition is some kind of book, as opposed to figurines and the like, so this suits me perfectly.

Are you guys still interested in Collector's Editions? Will you be picking this one up?


    Consider it pre-ordered. 88 dollars? Would be a fool NOT to.

    I am SO GETTING THIS! God dammit! Where is the nearest EB?! ARGGGHHH!

    Wasn't this announced last week? It was very limited and sold out the second it was announced. Because everybody who pre-ordered it was automatically thrown on to the pre-order for this edition (so long as they had already dropped 50 bucks) which is why is was already sold-out when it was announced.

      Yeah, this was the new edition EB told me they will be getting word on today to make up for the lack of previous collectors edition. Probably for the people who didn't pre-order this game a year ago.

      I think you may be thinking of the one with the dragon statue?

        Yeah, I already corrected myself after I realised the statue completely slipped my mind.

    Skyrim u have spiders in it

    u scare me and i dont know if i want u

      There's nothing to fear but fear itself...

      And spiders, sorry.

    $88 is for the PC version only - PS3 and 360 are both $108, which isn't bad considering what you get.

    Notebook? Why couldn't it be the artbook? Sigh.

      It's so you can draw your own pretty dragons

        Like this one


      I was considering, then the price jumped 30bux and now the book is blank.

        All that considered, it's still not bad - i mean that note book does look rather rad. Great if your into doing random sketches, or you need a new notebook for jotting stuff down whilst playing games.

        That being siad i still don't think i'll get it, as i know they'll release a GOTY edition a year later where i can have everything in one pack

          Amen brother.

          Hang on, you're going to wait until November 2012 to play Skyrim? You're a stronger man than me.

          I did that with Borderlands because it kind of passed me by somehow, but I've got my eyes on Skyrim like a guard from Morrowind watching a player steal from a shop on the other side of the map.

    Free tips for learners: Bethesda have cut allocations of collectors editions to Aussies by massive amounts, something like 2 in 12 people who have already peordered will receive their copy.

    $88? Is EB caving to demands of cheaper prices? But they always said they don't set the prices, unless they are selling it at a loss.

      Once again - $88 is only for the PC edition, which is a standard pc price without extras

      So, yeah, i guess they might be. But what they are also doing is locking out competition, so in the end, they win. Especially with all their sales at the moment.

      Think about it - somone goes in to put another $20 payment on their pre-order, sees a table of their new "buy one get one free" games they have at the moment and walks out with 2 extra games.

      You'd be surprised how many people fall into that trap. It's really quite clever marketing.

        You're completely correct, just like Woolworths and Coles sell milk and bread at below cost.

        You go to buy some milk but then impulse buy other overpriced items.

          Yeah, didn't see your post until after I put in mine. A little disappointed, but I guess $108 is still a good price for a special edition. I would be interested to know if they have lowered that from RRP though.

    The book is just a blank notebook though, right?
    I'd prefer an art book.
    Or have I missed something?

      You're right - it's just a notebook, mate

    pfft why would you want to do that? thats just extra eye strain!

      *face palm*
      i have now joined the reply fail league

    Wow they screwed everyone with supply and lost business to GAME, now they're doing a hail Mary edition with no substance to it, hoping ppl will be satisfied.

    Anyone missing out of the proper Collectors should just order off Amazon.com and forget about mortar and brick retails for good. EB can whine all they want about how stock allocation and prices are outside their control, but it's their business to be in control and satisfy demand and instead theiy're lackeys to their US based masters that save the best stock for themselves. Order from the US direct, it's cheaper anyway.

    Oh, and Kotakians, where oh where is the outage over the price of Uncharted 3 Explorer Edition costing $210 AUD when US get practically the same deal for $99?

    Yes, so getting this. I was going to go all out for Skyrim but I think I'd regret it. That dragon statue doesn't seem so great.

    Only if this was able to be activated on Steam, but i dont think that will be the case....

    Can anyone confirm Bethesda's hand in this? This seems like the Ocarina thing for Zelda; "premium" addons smashed together by EB at late notice.

    But I'm a sucker from statues, especially statues of dragons. Will import because I was to slow getting a local preorder happening.

    Sorry EB

    I want the 200 page art book from the real collector's edition:


      Or perhaps even just a half thickness art book, but honestly a standard notebook is slightly lame XD

    You can still get the proper collectors edition from amazon.com for US$175 courier delivery for those who can wait a couple days.

      "couple OF days".

      Please, please, don't give in to this Americanism.

        Who honestly cares?

          Ha ha. Probably no one but me! I'm under no illusions about this.

            I care McGarnical.

    Will have to drop in today and check, as I can't remember if i preordered the other CE or if it was just standard....

    I just want a good map. I still remember the cloth map from Ultima Online (a game I played for about 45 minutes - but I still remember the map!).

    Already pre-ordered today, yeah! Wanted the collectors edition but they only got 1 copy for my whole district! 1!

    Anyone know if this map is cloth (like ozgameshop was/is selling)? What is it that makes it "premium", aside from its presence?

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