Elder Scrolls Developer Hacked. Again. Maybe.

Bethesda, the studio behind the Elder Scrolls games, sent out an email early Saturday morning alerting gamers to reset their forum passwords over a possible security breach.

"We have identified a potential breach of our forum user database that occurred Friday morning, Aug 12," the mail read. "We have reset your forum password as a precaution, in the event that any encrypted forum user passwords were compromised."

To set up a new password for the Bethesda forums, click this link.

"We recommend you do not use your old password or a password you have used for other sites," the email added. "Further, if your old forum password was used for any other online purposes, we recommend changing the password on those accounts as well."

Back in June, Bethesda was hacked during a rash of security breaches.

Thanks everyone who sent this tip in!


    Are you sure it wasn't minecraft developers that got hacked, I've heard that it's pretty easy to get scrolls mixed up.

    [cue 13 year old hackers]
    'But I want Skyrim nooooooooow daddy!'

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