Every PlayStation Vita Game Will Be Downloadable

Every game released for Sony's impressive new handheld gaming system, the PlayStation Vita, will be downloadable in the PlayStation Store, Sony's incoming head of European operations, Jim Ryan, confirmed today during a PlayStation press conference in Germany.

Some Vita games will be available in regular stores, of course, offered on the Vita memory cards.


    Also very awesome. Getting more and more excited about this thing.

    Only some games? Does that mean what I think it means?

      Just like with regular consoles. Not all downloadable games are available on physical media.

    As long as I can still get around the regional pricing discrimination I'll be happy

    conflicted... to be honest... If they run the PSN for Vita like they do for Apple or Steam. Then i'm all thumbs.

    If it's like the PSN Australia now, with over priced DLC and games then i'll only need one finger to express myself.

    this is great.

    Never bought a game on UMD for my PSP basically because I hate carrying discs and swapping them around.

    It is a portable after all.

    I actually find myself buying PS3 games digitally now too - like Infamous2, MassEffect2, just to save on disc swapping.

    It's still a bit more expensive than finding the absolute best deal instore or indeed importing but it's worth it for convenience (and it's quieter and sometimes faster loading of the HD)

    Looks like I'm importing from the US then. Even after credit card international conversions, it'll probably be cheaper and have a bigger library.

    Sucks to be retail.

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