Exclusive Batman: Arkham City Collector's Edition At EB

We've just gotten word that EB has a pretty slick, exclusive 'Steelbook' Collector's Edition for Batman: Arkham City now available for pre-order. The best part? 70's Batsuit skin DLC. KERPLOW!

The contents are as follows...

• Batman Arkham City game • Limited Edition Steel Book Case • Joker Carnival Challenge map DLC • 1970’s Batsuit Skin DLC • Batman Under the Red Hood Animated Movie

The Collector's Edition is exclusive to EB and costs the same as the standard edition.

• PS3: $99.95 • XBOX 360: $99.95 • PC: $89.95

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


    Oh hot DAMN, if they're gonna start doing all the different batsuits in this that's gonna rock so f***ing hard!!!

    I hope we eventually get the Knightfall Azrael Batman suit :D :D :D

      Batman Beyond suit was confirmed yesterday. :)

        Of all the suits they pick the Batman Beyond one? That'll look goofy as all hell on Bruce.



            BOOM indeed...looks like the gimp from Pulp Fiction with a Batman fetish. :x

    Still waiting for them to release the proper Collector's Edition on PC :(

    Pretty neat they give you Under the Red Hood. That movie was Boss.

      Apparently the Aussie version of it is a little edited. Or was that Return of the Joker?

      Still a good movie.

        Return was edited worldwide. You can still find it on torrent sites unedited, the original ending was so... dark. So damn dark and creepy hey. I have it *cough* and love it.

    JB's pre order dlc is better - playable Robin. Wn.

    GAME's CE is better because Gotham Knight was a better movie :3

    ozgameshop are selling the Collector's Edition with the statue for $89.99 and free delivery. That got my vote.

      This is the one I got. Different movie, different skin... but I get a statue, and for $10 less.


      The extras are better. Statue, artbook, soundtrack, movie. The extras here are not very wow-worthy...and especially with EB prices.

    Ah crap! I just pre-ordered the JB version over the weekend.

    Hmm... I think the JB one trumps this, JUST, but that 70s Batman suit is pretty rad.

    Shame the PS3 version of the movie isn't a blu ray. It isn't a blu ray, is it?


      Content includes:
      Batman Arkham City Steel Book Case
      Joker Carnival Challenge Map DLC
      70’s Batsuit skin DLC
      Batman Under the Red Hood DVD (Blu Ray for PS3)

    IT would be extra awesome if the 70's batsuit included KERPOWs and BLAMs whenever you knocked someone out.

      +1 to this...

      And if they somehow, SOMEHOW managed to get Adam West to do a cameo voiceover for it ;)

    The 70's suit is cool. But I ain't givin gmy money to brick n mortar retailers let alone EB.

    Oh hello Ozgameshop.

      Particularly when you know they will sell this "exclusive" stuff separately later on anyway.

    Statue Collector's Edition >>>>>>>> Everything else...

    I bet you will be able to unlock all the pre order dlc content on the PC with a quick change to some settings in the .ini file :P

      Don't tell everyone!

    Meh - still happier with the better collectors edition with the statue. Hope the challenge map becomes DLC soon though.

    They will eventually sell the downloaded content to anyone, just like what happened with games like Red Dead Redemption. Go with the statue as the dlc ones will soon be pointless.

      You can hope, but I'm still waiting for the Harlequin MP skin in AC: Brotherhood... :\

    Why doesn't the PC version get a statue edition?
    So far though JBs edition has 2 extra maps and Robin available in challenge maps. I'm leaning towards that. But I'm sure PC version will have a way to get all the skins.

      No reason has been given as to why PC loses out on the CE.

      PC doens't get it because PC retail is on the decline, every is going to online sotres (Steam, D2D etc)

        Plenty of other publishers have been releasing PC collectors editions and are continuing to do so, so I doubt it's that simple.

        In the USA and Asia you can get the statue collectors on PC, just not in Aus....


          So far everything I've seen and read has said that there is no Collector's Edition with the statue etc for PC at all and Best Buy and Gamestop don't have a PC CE on their sites.

    I thought it was a real statue for a second there....bummer

    Little typo Mark. Arkham City not Arkham Asylum.

    I wish I'd picked up the batarang edition of AA.

      I wish that the batarang didn't feel like such a waste of space.

    I got the Arkham Asylum Collectors Edition and was very disappointed. Plus the Arkham City CE looks like the Duke Nukem one TBH... So steelbook it is.

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