Fallout: The Board Game Lets You Play Monopoly After The Apocalypse

This custom version of Monopoly, crafted by PinkAxolotl, really has to be seen to be believed. It's not like it's just a regular board with a few Fallout references made here and there. It's as Fallout-themed as it could possibly hope for.

And how Fallout is that? Let's see. Every square has been renamed, of course. The board has been entirely customised ("free parking" replaced with Fallout 3's "please stand by" screen, for example). The community chest and chance cards have been replaced by perks. The pieces have been "rusted" to give them that post-apocalyptic look. There's even Nuka Cola caps that can be used as money.

About the only complaint I could make is that it appears to have all its houses, pieces and dice. It's hard enough keeping track of all that crap in these peaceful times of ours, so Lord only knows how they all survived the apocalypse!

Fallout Monopoly [DeviantArt, via Geeksaresexy]


    if only this were a pre-order bonus, say for fallout 4 whenever that may be in the future

    There are a bunch of differently themed Monopoly boards out there... but this is one I would definitely be interested in buying.

    GNR only worth 40 caps, that's a bargain right there.
    While I wouldn't mind being a Junktown jerky vendor the goose-stepping pipboys in the centre kinda freak me out

    Pity it's Fallout 3.

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