Fan Pleas For Half-Life 3 Enter Negotiating-Via-Cardboard Phase

The two guys on the left showed up at Valve Software recently, hoping the guy on the right would hear (or read) their plea.

I'm a little confused, though. Is the guy all the way on the left saying that Canada wants Half-Life 3 to be released? Or is he offering to trade Canada for Half-Life 3? And would that be an even trade?

Photo 1: Bungie Artist Jason Sussman's Twitter Feed; Photo 2: Chattypics

[via Twitter]


    I'll give you Canada for Half Life 3 and Alaska for Left 4 Dead 3. Fair trade. Though we may have to squabble over trading Mexico for a CounterStrike 3...

      I REALLY have to take off the 'remember everything' settings off firefox... SHIT. O_o

        hahahaha, you really made a few think you were Jim Wallace in the R18+ article yesterday. Nice going :P

        As if Jim Wallace for violent video games quick alert channel 7 they take anything written by him and on the Internet as gospel

        After all it's on the Internet it must be true :D

    I really hope this starts something. So great.

    Why didn't we think of this before damn it!

    That photo of Gabe standing next too those two blokes has made my day

    Urgh who'd want HL3 anyway? What a waste of money and time developing. Valve knows what gamers want more, and it's more hats for Team Fortress 2.

      A more depressingly accurate joke I've never heard

      How does one report a comment as being "Too Awesome"?

      who gives a rats arse about team fortress, give us more half life any day.

        Everyone, that's who. I'd much rather a TF3 than a HL2EP3.

          I want a level pack for Portal 2.

            aw shit...ive just realised that they may be no Portal 3 either :O

    IF they don't want to make HL3 then they could at least release a comic outlining the end of the story. I remember when the "releasing games in episodes" craze started. We all said this would happen and they game Dev's swear it would not........well???

    I wonder how they will stuff up the current craze of everything being only playable via co-op.

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