Feast Your Eyes On Borderlands 2 Screens Of Unknown Provenance

Gamersmint this morning popped up these six Borderlands 2 screens, at first saying Gearbox Software released them. I don't have my Game Informer so I'm not sure if these are magscans. Don't look like 'em, though.

They also don't look like anything I saw in the first game; the player character and backgrounds are new, and the weapon looks different (but not the maul in the psycho's hand, nor the spiderants). I've pinged Gearbox to ask if this stuff is legit.

New Borderlands 2 Screenshots Released [Gamersmint]


    Looks amazing, if it looks anything like that ill pick it up, first game bored me fairly quickly tho

    I can't tell if these are screenshots from the game or concept art.

      That's what I was thinking.

      Either way they look damn cool.

      I hope this is in game. I wished the original was MORE cartooney.

      I think it is concept art, the only one that doesn't look like it is the first person one. I'm not sure if I would want the game to go more cartoony, I like the gritty slightly stylised but still realistic look it had.

    Yes! Finally Grass! I seriously cannot stress the amount of eyesore the plain barren environment gave me. I love the change in environments from what I've seen.

    It looks like the guy has dual weapons in the pic with the psycho...
    was that in the first game?

      No dual-wield in first game.

      Also... OMFG Borderlands 2!!

      yeah u can also see the brute/soldier guy brandishing dual M60's! =D

    wheres the sixth? theres only five...

    Oh god YES!

    Lol, this time are they gonna have a storyline, or a really silly ending :\

      There's an interview with Randy Pitchford on gameinformer where he says that they recognised that the ending to Borderlands was a letdown, and that Gearbox intends to fix that in the 2nd game with a more fleshed out storyline.

        So glad to hear that.

        Now all I need is more confirmation on them adding better replayability with multiplayer support and I'll be happy.

        Also, here's a hope they learnt from their first about port-forwarding being an annoyingly bad thing.

    I really want Borderlands to go 3rd person (or at least "body aware" fps) as the art is so good, I hate not seeing the awesomely designed characters.

      You can make the first Borderlands 3rd person. It's just a line change in the Unreal Engine config file.

      Body-aware FPS would be good, and I think keeping the game FPS works better with the aiming/scope system. What I would love to see though would be a Rainbow Six Vegas style third-person cover system. Not only would it let you show off the character models, but I recall a few raids on bandit camps that could definitely have benefited from active cover and blind-fire.

      Oh also here's hoping it doesn't use silly DRM like the Securom on Ned and Moxy. I don't like having to hunt down cracks because of a legit version crashing my computer EVERY TIME I attempt to access the content, compared to NO PROBLEMS with 'other' download sources!

    More plot please. The First one is still one of my favourite games.

    Only one of these looks like it could be a screenshot.
    Also, hopefully we get to see some different character designs soon. Not a fan of Johnny Bravo up there.

    I actually thought the second screen was concept art... considering that their mission with the first game was to make it look like concept art, I'd say they've hit their mark with this one.

    Hey, if it looks anything like this, then I *know* my laptop won't be able to run it...

    As long as GameSpy isn't used for the coop and such then I'm happy.

    I'm gonna miss the original 4 characters... I assume they won't be back :-/

    but aside from that this game looks pretty awesome

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