Feel The Parental Fury Of The Super Nintendo Launch

You may have fond memories of the 1991 launch of Nintendo's SNES, but according to a recently unearthed local news broadcast, some parents were steaming at the notion of the new 16-bit console.

The segment "Video Mania", via NeoGAF, from Los Angeles affiliate KNBC features Rogue from the X-Men and the upper torso of newsman Kent Shocknek discussing the impending SNESpocalypse while playing some F-Zero. Opening on a "therapy session" for the parents of kids with Nintendo-borne disorders, Shocknek delivers a frightening prediction of a new console generation being ushered in.

"So, it has come to this. Therapy sessions for families whom you could call 'Ninten-pendent'," the newsman says, cutting to parents who feel "exploited". "Psychologists' offices might get more crowded this holiday season. Just in time for Christmas, the Japanese toy maker Nintendo has come out with a new set of electronic video games."

The SNES, which promises "better pictures, sound and adventures," Shocknek says, comes with a high price and limited capabilities. "At $US200, a Super Nintendo set up costs twice as much as the old system. And you can't mix and match."

Just wait until you see some of the "parents are refusing to be taken in." They're piiisssed.

You, however, may be pleased to see some rare, early Super Mario World footage.


    They spoiled the ending for Super Mario World!

    Ninten-pendent. lol.

    Its really scary just how portable that is, swap out the names and the report could almost be modern (well with a sprinking of "causes violence")

    My parents said no.
    Every Christmas from 1992 to 1998 when I brought my own playstation was a little disappointing. That's why I vowed that my kids will get all the video gaming stuff they wanted as a monument to my love!!!

    Unfortunately they all want to go strange things like go outside and play football and cricket, so disappointing.


    "And I'm ging to explain to him that people market things to make you buy them". No way, people want you to buy the product they spent years and lots of money on? Never knew that. In all honesty I have no idea how this would've been news worty, although you still see the same crap on the news today. I'm glad my parents weren't taken in by stuff like this, they just did what parents need to do more. They didn't refuse, they didn't cave. When I wanted a SNES I had to earn it, birthday money and chores and what not, Why can't more people do that instead of blaming the manufacturer?

    My brother received the Super Mario World SNES package for Christmas at around that time. I still remember sneaking into my parents' room with him the week before Christmas and taking a look at the unwrapped box. I don't think video games have ever had as much excitement since. Except maybe when Mario 64 came out.

    Remember at the time it was probably unheard of to Americans for a Video Game system to become obsolete - Master System never did any business there - so the NES was the first system that people there bought in droves that was suddenly superceded.

    Although the 8-bit NES era wasn't the first generation, with regards to the console lufe-cycle business model that exists today - it was. Although this latest generation is somewhat breaking that model in a lot of ways.

    I love that they say "pictures"... it sounds so juvenile and ignorant, even by 80's standards.

    "Some prefer the pictures of their competitor, Sega."

    That's like asking someone if they wanna go 'see a talkie' :-P

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