Finally, A Star Wars Game Where Everybody Dies

In the Star Wars universe, nobody ever really wins anything. When good "wins" evil remains, and when evil remains, good goes into hiding to repeat the cycle. That won't be the case when MMO Star Wars Galaxies ends, though. When it ends, it'll end.

With the game being shut down on December 15, the developers have decided to give the apocalyptic event a little meaning. Shortly before the game's end, all points earned in the ongoing Galactic Civil War mode (ie Rebels vs Empire) will be tallied, and the winner will, well, actually win.

The side with the higher score will win the game, and the galaxy, for each server, as well as change the way the game will end and what happens in the final moments. Celebrations will be in order for those who win and, for the losers, let's just say they'll be going out with a bang.

They'll win the game, and there'll be no chance for a rematch, because the game will be gone. Neutral players will also get some kind of event, but being neutral, it'll probably be as bland as they deserve.

To the losers, then, its heads on a pike. And the winners? A celebratory song, using said heads as drums. All that'll be left after that will be to hope George Lucas doesn't come back 20 years later and change/ruin the song.

The Battle Comes To An Explosive End [SWG]


    That. Is awesome. Better to do this, and make the "end of the world" an event rather than just let the game peter out and die with a whimper.

    If the good guys are going to see a CG Hayden Christiansen, I suspect we're going to see a sudden lurch towards the evil side in the last few months.

    Its a sad day when an MMO flips the power switch, but I always respect developers who give it that extra effort to finish the game off with a bang.

    Also. Win, an MMO?! That's just blew my mind.

    +1 for using the old-school ghost clip and not the digitally remastreed new-guys one. ;)

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