Fine, Have Four PS Vita Titles

Fine, Have Four PS Vita Titles

Today in Tokyo, Konami held a press conference, detailing some of the games it plans to bring to the Tokyo Game Show.

Actually, the list is mostly comprised of stuff we’ve already seen, save for four PS Vita titles.

The PS Vita is Sony’s new high-powered portable gaming console, so these four titles are probably going to be mega, no? Well, no.

The four games they revealed are racing game Asphalt: Injection, AR Combat DigiQ, new Little King’s Story, and a new Mahjong Fight Club game.

The release dates for these games are TBA.

There might be more surprises, as I said, stuff to get people more excited. This is a start. But is it a good one?


  • Today, Konami announced four games that it will announce at TGS. Konami also announced that they might announce additional unannounced games at TGS, so fans should keep paying attention for upcoming announcements of announcements about these upcoming announcements of unannounced games, which might potentially be announced at TGS.

    Some days, blatant marketing and hype-mongering makes me feel very depressed.

    • I really wish Kotaku had a thumbs up/down button for comments, because I’d thumbs yours up in a flash.

  • The Vita’s lineup so far has looked so badly like devs going through the motions (just like the players! Hahah! Get it! Motion controls!) that it makes the Wii’s lineup look polished and inspired.

    I was a big fan of the original PSP – mostly for Monster Hunter and God Eater which between them got over 1,000 hours from me, though things like Wipeout and Prinny helped – but this just looks more and more like garbage.

    I’ve also heard people citing battery life as a problem. Which they didn’t for the original PSP. And don’t often for the iPhone. Now if something with like four hours’ battery life doesn’t get criticism and this does, HOW BAD COULD IT POSSIBLY BE?

    • I think you may have some rose tinted glasses, the PSP was bemoaned for having a poor battery life.
      Secondly there have been no confirmed reports on the psvita’s battery life.

    • Little King’s Story is one of the best Wii games. A remake/sequel on Vita is a HUGE title announcement, trust me.

  • I can’t help but feel like this will be the 4th handheld I’ve excitedly bought, then hardly played.

    1995: Gameboy (late to that party, but it was the year I got my first job)

    2005: Original PSP

    2007: NDS

    2012: Vita?

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