Firemint Reaches Out To Ex-THQ Employees

Firemint Reaches Out To Ex-THQ Employees

Blue Tongue closed its doors on Friday, putting a great number of game developers out of work. Now Firemint has reached out, via Tsumea, to all Blue Tongue and THQ Australia employees let go by THQ.

The message on Tsumea reads as follows:

We were very sad to hear the news of the closure of the two local THQ studios. We have a great deal of respect for the talent that worked at these studios and we think they created some great games.

Firemint would like to reach out to those that have recently lost their jobs, we need great developers to join our teams. We’re specifically after programmers and quality assurance testers. If you’re passionate and talented, we want to hear from you.

It’s a great gesture by Firemint, but also a smart one for an expanding company on the lookout for the best development talent in Australia.

Head here for more details.

Firemint reaches out to THQ Studio Australia and Bue Tongue employees, are hiring [Tsumea]


  • Doesn’t EA own Firemint?

    Wouldn’t be surprised if this is the first of many. The other larger publishers with local development groups would be crazy to let an opportunity like the THQ guys present go untouched.

    • Not just the big publishers. Any dev studio in Melbourne or Brisbane looking to hire would be wise to seek out the experience of the two closed studios.

    • Does it really matter if EA now owns Firemint? Even if its an indie dev trying to push something out don’t you think its logical to try and chase the talent out there?

      At the end of the day a studio isn’t going to employ you if there isn’t work for you to do so it really doesn’t matter if it’s a Multi National Enterprise looking to employ Blue Tongue folk or just a bunch of guys in a basement somewhere trying to get their dreams off the ground.

      • What he meant about EA owning Firemint wasn’t directly related to hiring good talent, but more a pause for concern that what happened to BTE could happen again. Along with all the extra money and support you get from being owned by a publisher, is the publisher’s well worn chopping block.

        • Indeed but there’s a fundamental difference between EA and THQ – THQ are a lot less insulated from the downturn than EA, EA has all sorts of diversification and big franchises to wear the losses in some areas, whereas THQ has Saints Row (which will do well) and Homefront (I cannot see Homefront 2 selling as well as Homefront 1 after almost everyone who played it has panned the short campaign) and Wrestling and that’s it. Maybe Darksiders 2 and Metro Last Light will do well, maybe – but they seem to work closer to the bone than EA

          • I do agree with you, but I’ll remain wary regardless. It will be a possibility in any case where the publisher is owner. In the last few years I’ve seen THQ, EA, Ubisoft, Square-Enix, Microsoft and many others just shut down studios in reaction to either economic strife or just because their game doesn’t hit some super-high profit ceiling. Whether or not a studio could have kept going without publisher support is another question, but when you outright own something you can destroy it, and take all the IP with you.

            Hell even Activision fired their leading game’s designers, over a pointless spat.

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