Free Witcher 2 Patch Adds Horde Mode, Makes Things Darker, Harder

Free Witcher 2 Patch Adds Horde Mode, Makes Things Darker, Harder

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Version 2.0 will be a free patch that gives PC gamers a new tutorial system, a survival arena mode, a difficulty-increasing dark mode, oodles of patches and all of the previously released download packs.

The free patch hits on September 29. All new installations of the game will update automatically.

The patch’s Dark setting is meant to be nearly as difficult as Insane difficulty, but allows players to save the game. It also includes a new set of high-stat, dark-themed gear. All told the new difficulty setting includes 18 new equippable items, three new sets of dark armour and three new sets of dark swords.

The developers said that the game’s new Arena Mode will be an excellent place to test out all of this new equipment. In Arena Mode, players face off against a never-ending stream of monsters including werewolves. Each wave ends with players getting to choose from three different prize. Players can also hire henchman to help out between waves or shop for gear and enhancements. Once you die, you can review your stats and share your tally on Facebook.

The patch will also include the game’s 100 previous patches, 20 new enhancements, and these previous DLC: Troll Trouble, Roche Commando Jacket, Ultimate Alchemy Suit, Ultimate Magical Suit, Ultimate Swordsman Suit, Finisher Pack, Mysterious Merchant, Barbers and Coiffeuses and A Sackful of Fluff.


  • It’s refreshing to see CD Projekt doing this – most other companies these days would charge for this type of thing as DLC.

    It takes me back to the old days of PC gaming, where patches often came with new maps/game modes or other extras on top of the obligatory fixes, and all for free!

  • I’ve read that there is a patch that restores certain ‘things’ to the game (e.g. Australian version), is that part of the normal patches or that player made patches?

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