Freeplay 2011: Every One's A Winner, Especially These Guys

Freeplay 2011, a five day long festival celebrating the local Australian games industry was jam packed with people (over 1800) and featured workshops, debates, discussions panels and all manner of events centered around the theme 'handmade' . I wouldn't know for sure, since I couldn't make it, but it appears as though a great time was had by all. Freeplay also had a set of awards, aimed at representing the very best games development both locally and overseas.

“The awards reflect both the values of the festival and the wide range of projects being created locally and overseas," said event organiser Paul Callaghan. "We were incredibly impressed with the diversity, experimentation, vision, and creativity of all the entries, and look forward to seeing that continue in 2012.”

The winners were as follows...

Best Australian GameSolar 2 – Jay Watts • Antichamber – Alexander Bruce • Rocket Bunnies – Defiant Development

Winner: Antichamber – Alexander Bruce

Best International GameKromaia – Kraken Empire • Gemini Rue - Joshua Nuernberger • The Swapper – Facepalm Games

Winner: The Swapper – Facepalm Games

Best Design • Warco – Defiant Development • Antichamber – Alexander Bruce • Solar 2 – Jay Watts

Winner: Antichamber – Alexander Bruce

Best on paper design • The Adventures of MonkeyGuy - Josip Ivancic • The Factory – Ariel Magnes • Dead Eye – Kristian David Terry

Winner: Dead Eye - Kristian David Terry

Best ArtKingspray – Michael Sharpe • Rocket Bunnies – Defiant Development • Warco – Defiant Development

Winner: Warco – Defiant Development

Best Concept Art • The Adventures of MonkeyGuy – Josip Ivancic • The Factory – Ariel Magnes • Firo – Daniela Hammer

Winner: Firo – Daniela Hammer

Best Technical InnovationBeat Booster – Current Circus • Kingspray – Michael Sharpe • Antichamber – Alexander Bruce

Winner: Kingspray – Michael Sharpe

Best Game Writing • Warco – Defiant Development • Solar 2 – Jay Watts • MacGuffin’s Curse - Brawsome

Winner: MacGuffin’s Curse - Brawsome

Best AudioSolar 2 – Jay Watts • Warco – Defiant Development • Battle Group – Bane Games

Winner: Solar 2 – Jay Watts

Congrats to all the winners!


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