From Dust's PC Release Is A Man-Made Disaster

Ubisoft's release of From Dust on the PC has been, in every sense of the word, a disaster. Just the fact that, today, it was discovered the game requires an always-on internet connection -- putting the lie to earlier claims that it wouldn't -- is a throat-slash to its credibility. The additional fact it's also a terrible port of a console game is the cherry atop a shit sundae for a raving mad PC gaming community.

A locked 30fps framerate that frequently skips, jaggy graphics and no way to improve them, bugs and glitches by themselves would be enough to alienate PC gamers who resent getting console leftovers. The DRM is its own Godzilla-sized PR disaster, especially as Ubisoft originally said reports of mandatory always-on connection were erroneous. Then, after From Dust's release, Ubisoft deleted and then restored the post in its official forums making that claim. For the record, Ubisoft now confirms that, yes, you'll need to be connected to the Internet to launch the game, no matter what.

Now Steam is said to be offering refunds to those who purchased From Dust, based on the misrepresentations of its DRM.

The real force multiplier to this is Ubisoft's institutionally tone-deaf, often Orwellian posture on DRM, which says it's a good thing for gamers despite slapstick calamities like hackers taking down its Big Brother servers in the week Assassin's Creed II launched, and the mumbling apologies and half-assed make-goods that followed.

This time, it didn't even take motivated, indignant hacktivists to embarass Ubi. A terrible port would have been more than enough.

From Dust DOES Need Online, Badly Ported [Rock, Paper Shotgun]

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    Yeah I was really disappointed by this. I've put in a request with Steam to get a refund, as I refuse to support any of their DRM nonsense. Not to mention the game itself didn't run very well. I am disappoint Ubisoft.

    - Console or PC, this game is just not good.

      from dust is a good game. and i dont see why some1 would really not like it.

      While I'm sure people would disagree with you on that, after watching gameplay I certainly wasn't compelled to play it for myself either.

      At least it works on consoles though. Why on earth would it run so poorly on a PC? I haven't heard of a console to PC port having this many issues issues since Saints Row 2.

        Its because 99% of developers these days are too lazy to make a dedicated version of a game so they'll make it on the Xbox first and then port it to the PS3 and PC and make no effort to rectify any bugs or bad controls. Its actually been happening for the past few years.

        "Why on earth would it run so poorly on a PC?"

        Different architecture, different memory management, far broader range of configurations, instabilities between hardware devices...

        I could go on but then I would be nit picking. The advantage consoles have over PCs is they are a fixed architecture and they have a minimal operating system. They are also fine tuned for mostly one task - playing games. That is what some console games even rival PC graphics - the developers are able to find tricking the hardware that allows them to squeeze more performance out of them.

    Apart from the shitty DRM
    i've found the game to be very enjoyable its
    a nice change of pace from minecraft and every second game being a FPS

    I grabbed this game, having loved the concept, but playing it was severely disappointed.

    The controls are jerky and clunky, the graphics are poor and the missions are repeatative.

    F*** me, I just turned off the internet this morning. Not to mention the fact that it had syncing errors when saving last night >__> refund time.

      You turned off the internet? WHY?!? Some of us are still trying to use it! :P

        Hahaha, that's exactly why!

        Nah, I just frequently switch on and of my modem. It's a habit in trying to save on electricity, even a little.

    I haven't bought a Ubisoft game since Farcry 2, when I realized I had a shelf full of heavily-marketed, critically acclaimed, Ubisoft games that were a chore to play. I said I wouldn't buy from them again, and I've stuck with it through rave reviews of Assassins Creed 2, Brotherhood, etc. I nearly caved with From Dust, but the DRM made it an easy decision.

    Glad I didn't end up pre-ordering this in the end.

    What a shame. Ubisoft had a winner on their hands here, and rather han expose it to another market in an improved state, they dish out a shitty port with Draconian DRM.

    Well worth a trial if you have a 360.

    Aw that's dissapointing, I really wanted to play this game on PC. I guess I'll just get the 360 version...still not cool Ubisoft!

    Steam wouldn't give me a refund.

      You will need to give them a reason. Did you just ask for a refund, or did you say something like, "I was misled by the statements that the game would not require an always-on internet connection, and I now want a refund".

    Ubisoft are fucking up left right and center. I just bought splinter cell HD and it turns out they got rid of invert Y... It was in the originals ffs, and sony won't refund me for a game I can't play!

    I'm wondering how Eric Chahi feels about this, whether he was fucked over by ubisoft or if he's gone mad, abandoned his PC based customer friendly roots and is just in it for the money (My money is on the former).

    Any chance of an interview Kotaku (with him that is, interviewing me about the game won't help much)?

      An interview with Chahi would be great.

    I held out specifically to get From Dust on PC. I thought it would be a smoother, shinier affair however I was mistaken.

    the game itself is good and I like it enough but the graphical glitches (every time you pick up or deposit matter) are just unbearable and make the game highly unenjoyable.

    I'm not even that concerned about the always online requirement as I'm usually always at home connected to my network when I play games on my laptop.

    Still, what a shame...

    Shame. I was only a few good reviews off jumping into this... really glad I waited now. DRM, shmeeRM, but do NOT give me a crappy port.

    Did any of you even try this with Eyefinity? OMFG this was a shitburger with extra shit paddy.
    The aspect ratio and resolution is so bad the menu isn't even visible.

    Fuck this shit Ubisoft can burn for all I give a flying fuck about. Pirates won't even bother with this clusterfuck of an excuse for a game.

    *sigh* it's not often one of my most anticipated titles gets deleted from my Steam wishlist...

    is it ironic that im reeding this just after the game crashed on me its a good game but the constent bugs do piss me off

    Steam.. No refund, stating refunds are only offered on Pre-Orders only. I was then told to read up on the clause in Sections 4 or something. What are you doing Kotaku?

    But I put off buying it on xbox becuase I thought the mouse would make more sense with a mouse :(

    Super awesome modding community unite!

      The game would make more sense I mean. Derp

    I liked having to install Ubisoft's .. through steam. That was my favourite part.

    I've finished it. But there was some cursing.

    I was going to buy this game late last night but I went to bed early instead. Before I go to buy the game I see this crap and now I won't buy the game. DON'T UNDERESTIMATE YOUR CONSUMERS! I won't buy this game if I have to always be online.

    I submitted a steam support ticket for the game this morning asking for a refund. I just got a reply ten minutes ago saying that they would not issue any refund for anybody for From Dust. They said their policy is ot never refund any game or DLC under any conditions once the game has launched.

    So, those Lo-Ping guys are flat out lying. I was pretty sceptical to begin with, especially since they did not link to any official Steam release stating there would be refunds. I don't mind though - I'm sure that Steam will be passing the word to Ubisoft just how many customers are complaining and demanding refunds.

      Just a thought here, not sure but did you try contacting Ubisoft customer service directly for a refund? I read in some other site that's what the Forum Moderator for Ubisoft have been advising people at this point.
      Though don't be surprised if they throw some clausal bullshit at you to deny your refund as well.

      I put forward the question to Steam as to how one could even request a refund when the issue with the game was not made known to the public until AFTER it was released. Still waiting for a response.

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