From The Witcher To Mass Effect, This Game Art Has Seen It All

Brazilian artist Rafael Grassetti is a talented kid. We've already seen his amazing work on the Mass Effect universe, from sculptures to fan art, but today we're looking at his more professional output.

Grassetti has been working as a video game artist for a few years now, mostly as a freelancer on games such as The Witcher 2, Dawn of War 2 and Fable III.

Unlike most other artists we showcase here on Fine Art, though, his work is of a more rendered nature, as he's mostly done character art for cinematic sequences (intros, cutscenes, etc) and advertising material. As such, a lot of material in the gallery above consists of trailers he's worked on; remember they're the work of many, not just one man!

Oh, and if you liked his Mass Effect work, well, you're not alone; last month Grassetti was hired by series developers BioWare, where he'll be working on the Mass Effect universe as a senior character artist.

What, you didn't think they'd stop at just three Mass Effect games, did you?

You can check out more of Gabriel's art at his personal site.


    I wasn't actually a fan of that particular femShep pic (especially the armour), so I hope that isn't his preferred interpretation of the universe...

    Although others on his website are great:

    He's a very talented artist, clearly - a lot of that work is phenomenal.

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