Gabe Newell Wants To Call ‘MOBA’ Game Genre ‘ARTS’

Gabe Newell Wants To Call ‘MOBA’ Game Genre ‘ARTS’

Valve’s Gabe Newell on the genre of DOTA 2.

The Valve Way: Gabe Newell And Erik Johnson Speak [Gamasutra]


  • He actually said that it doesn’t matter what it is called as long as people know what it is.

    Kotaku US…

    • Not really. There are people who aren’t familiar with DOTA at all.

      I tried explaining it to a friend about a year a go and the first thing he wanted me to explain was just the origins of the name which took about 10 minutes.

      He finally began to get close to the idea of how it played when I described it as a Fantasy RPG Counter Strike played with RTS controls.

      • Indeed. That’s why I think ARTS is actually better than calling it a MOBA or even DOTA. MOBA could mean anything really and DOTA doesn’t tell you anything about the style of gameplay. But tell them it’s an Action RTS and bam people will have a far better idea.

        • Yes I read the interview yesterday where it was mentioned, and I’ve now forgotten what MOBA stands for. I’ve also spoken to many a friend who following Vavle’s DOTA2 announcement have no idea what a DOTA style of gameplay encompasses. So for my money Action RTS probably does at least enable people to get an initial concept in their heads.

    • Having neve played DOTA and having completely ignored the hype around DOTA2 recently… this story makes even less sense to me than it does to the rest of you.

  • DOTA should be its genre name not arts or moba. DOTA at least was the original name for the WC3 mod. And birthed a name that that would eventually become akin to other genres like tower defense.
    DOTA ftw!

  • Aren’t these games just PVP Diablo??

    Just Trollin. But seriously all these things are identical. They don’t need a ‘genre’ name when they are all just DOTA made by different people.

  • I coined the term “SCC-RTS”.

    Basically Single-Character Competitive Real-Time Strategy Game.

    Seems wordy but atleast it fully describes exactly whats going on, and can be used to describe similar mods which aren’t DotA.

    But nobody cares what I think…

  • This genre of games should be called ARTS/MOBA (I’m leaning towars ARTS) and definitely not be called DOTA.

    If you look at LoL the game genre started off as a copy from DOTA but it is beginning to evolve and with the release of the game mode Dominon the gameplay will be different but it will keep it’s Action-RTS feel (which is why I agree that ARTS is a good genre name).

    • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

      Basically anything with pvp played on the internet, which is why it’s horrible. ARTS is better, but I think Fast Action RPG, or FARPG(pro. Far-puh-ger) better describes it – RTS sorta gets it but that’s a different type of strat/thinking I feel.

      • Really? That’s what MOBA stands for? Hey, WoW’s arenas and battlegrounds are MOBAs! So is Unreal Tournament and Pokemon!

        ARTS boht sounds better and actually describes the gameplay type.

        • yup, describes it very well. ”hey guys, its an RTS… with ACTION”. seriously?
          when i think action RTS i think dow 2.

  • I think when these things started I just used to call them ‘Hero Defense’ – because there’s a lot in common with tower defense except for which part you play on the field (and the fact that it’s usually two-sided, but that can still be done in TD as well so it’s a moot point).

    Terms like MOBA and even ARTS I think overlap other subgenres a bit too easily (eg. how would you class games like Arena Wars, and to an extent Worldshift? – because the former especially seems ripe for an ARTS type definition)

  • I’ve heard talk of these DOTA games, but never played one… and as such have absolutely *NO* idea what they’re like.

    After reading all these attempts at descriptions and explanations I feel like I know even less 😛

    I feel like every description is an oxymoron and my brain just can’t figure it out.

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