Gameloft Games Look Better At The Concept Art Stage

Mobile publisher Gameloft gets a lot of bad press for the way its games borrow visual and design cues from popular console titles. Its popular NOVA series, for example, is really HALO in all but name.

Or so it is by the time it hits your phone's screen. At the concept art stage, things are looking a less reprehensible.

Romanian artist Alexandru Negoita is the man behind these great pieces of concept art for both NOVA games, and reveal that alongside his original stuff, he was drawing on more influences than just Halo. There's some Mass Effect on show here as well, and if you look hard enough, a couple of Lost Planet-looking scenes as well.

As you'd expect! Find me an artist, any artist working in games who hasn't taken at least a little something from Star Wars, Aliens, Mass Effect or Halo and I'll buy you a cookie.

Remember, good artists borrow. Great artists steal!

You can find more of Alexandru's stuff at the site below, including some Witcher fan art and a decidedly sexy (and NSFW) Red Sonja.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.

[Pandemonium Art]

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    Reinterpreting the classical works is a longstanding tradition in other artistic mediums. Although, Hollywood takes that to a whole new level by rebooting series' every couple years now...

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