GameStop Policy: Open Your Games, Steal Your Codes, Sell Them Like New

GameStop tells that they have been removing the codes for free copies of the OnLive PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution from the new PC copies of the game they sell at their stores and selling the game, without the free bonus, as new.

The free Onlive copies were part of a deal that Square Enix and Onlive announced earlier this month, but GameStop officials tell Gamespy that they pulled and discarded the coupons because OnLive is a competitor.

Here's what the world's largest video game retailer had to say for themselves on their official Facebook page:

Regarding the Deus Ex: Human Revolution OnLive Codes: We don't make a habit of promoting competitive services without a formal partnership. Square Enix packed the competitor's coupon with our DXHR product without our prior knowledge and we did pull these coupons. While the new products may be opened, we fully guarantee the condition of the discs to be new. If you find this to not be the case, please contact the store where the game was purchased and they will further assis

Losing out on the OnLive coupon may not seem like a big deal when you've already purchased and paid for one copy of the game, but consider the precedent this particular instance is setting. Also consider that, without the coupon, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is $US49.99 download at OnLive.

GameStop employees are opening new products and removing an element intended by the developers to be included in the purchasing price. Depending on the motivation behind this action, this could indicate a move in a negative direction for GameStop and other retailers, allowing them to remove other coupons and promotions from games in the future. At worst, it could lead to the removal of optional hardware from bundles so that the retailer can sell the components individually.

When considering possible motivations for removing the coupon, Gamespy reminded readers that GameStop obtained rights to it's own online gaming community, Impulse, which is also selling downloads of Deus Ex for $US49.99.

If you've picked up a copy of DEHR from Gamestop, perhaps you could let us know if your OnLive copy had been removed.

Exclusive: GameStop Pulled, Discarded Free OnLive Deus Ex: Human Revolution Coupons [Gamespy]


    Well, that's just wrong

    Who wanna buy from gamestop / ebgames anyway?

      idiots maybe? :D

    The only thing I buy from Gamestop/EB games at the moment is Mass Effect 3 N7 edition and that's only because Ozgameshop won't get it in. =P

      Then go to GAME or JB or GameTraders. Don't go to EB for anything!

    " and removing an element intended by the developers to be included in the purchasing price."

    I think by developers you mean publishers/distributors - SquareEnix were the ones who made the deal with OnLive, not Eidos.

      You realise that Eidos is part of Square Enix these days, right?

    I've had codes fail, presumably because they've been harvested at EB due to their open box on shelf policy. While I'm disappointed at this for my own sake (dirt 3 wont shut up about buying VIP) I see it as an expected response to the game industry's battle with retail and second hand game sales. The only thing worse than not finding a VIP code is that there was one in there in the first place.

    I recently had a similar experience at EB Games. I bought the latest iteration of FIFA, went home (via infrequent public transport as I don't own a car), booted it up and was prompted to put my Online Pass code in to play online. After imputing the code, the server told me the code was invalid and in use. As I had mates around for the occasion, I was forced to pay for a new Online Pass before we could begin playing our mates at another house over Xbox Live.

    Is this because some guy has purchased thr game, used the code, taken it back within 7 days and EB have put it back on the shelf as new? This seems to be a gap in their return policy, as these Online Passes popping up over the place are a one-time use deal I feel we're going to start seeing a lot more of this behaviour.

      Is this because some guy has purchased thr game, used the code, taken it back within 7 days and EB have put it back on the shelf as new?

      This is exactly what they do.

      They tried to sell me a new game that had scratch marks on the disc!
      So glad I checked before I got home.

      When buying new from EB, -ALWAYS- make sure you receive one that has a seal on it.

      Without the seal, it is a used game and should be treated as such.

      Had the same thing happen at EB with Rock Band. I wanted to import the Rock Band songs into Rock Band 2 and was informed that the code was already used.


      Fortunately EB replaced it. Still, having to go to the store twice was a pain and they didn't offer a good reason as to why it happened.

      This happened to me a very long time ago when Half-Life 2 was in stores and steam was still starting out. The case was brand new and it was being sold as a new game, separate from the pre-owned section and no pre-owned sticker.

      I went home and input the code into steam and it said it was already in use, so I took it back, explained it to one of the guys and he gave me another 'Brand-new-one' Same thing again...

      After that I just took it back and a different EB employee was one and actually knew about steam and told me what happened, I just took my money back and bought it from somewhere else. I'm surprised they can just get away with it but I was still fairly young and lazy at the time to complain.

        That kind of retail practice is probably breaking retailers code of practice. I'd contact Consumer Protection. There is no different in these situations than if you went out and paid for a new car and got a used car instead.

        Probably a bit late for HL2... but if it happens to a recent purcahse I'd report the incident.

    Hmmm. Shouldn't happen in Australia. If the game is received by the re-seller sealed (like the MS certificate thing on 360 games) and if they open it then technically the game is second hand. No one pipes up about it because well it's the status quo - doesn't change the facts though.

    Secondly if I'd bought a game and a code didn't work I'd be taking the game back for a full refund/replacement or I'd be calling fair trading and let them sort it out.

      Fair Trading for sure. They are taking something that is supposed to be part of your purchase price, part of the product itself, and doing who knows what with them (ebay?).

      I think you'll all find that a product is actually only regarded as second hand if it's been sold at retail prior to being sold to you.

      Many stores have to open the packaging to remove the disc, and use the case as a display.

      As long as the game hasn't left the store, or been sold, it's still regarded as new.


        And outside of the games retail industry, those items would be regarded as "floor stock". Floor stock is usually expected to see some wear and if it is eventually sold, it is often discounted.

    Just grabbed my copy from EB (The Augmented edition bonus items looked too sweet!. I can barely handle the shame...)

    It was sealed, however there doesn't seem to be anything in here relating to OnLive...

      The OnLive service appears to be US-only as far as I can tell, so any copies EB sells wouldn't have the voucher to begin with.

        I did have that thought, wasn't too sure if the Gamestop/EB Games synergy would relate at all, but as you said, it doesn't.

    I particularly like how the official Facebook comment shifts the focus from the purchaser being worried about losing the coupon to the condition of the disc

    I wonder how legal this is. They are claiming to sell something "new", but are not selling it in the form it was delivered to them.

    They're stealing items out of the game and then selling them without it. What happens to them then, get passed around by the staff to friends and family? You know what. That's stealing.

    But hey, franchise b&m retailers in Aus can burn in hell for all I care, given how much we're overcharged.

    Well that's just plain wrong.

    Various blu-ray movies now come with DVD copies nowadays. Would shops remove the DVD copies so you'd have to buy it again on DVD if you want it?

    EB Games is a terrible shop and I would assume GameStop is as well...

    I shop at Gametraders by preference...

    So this is why some of the Nintendo codes in Wii games purchased at EB didn't work! Serves me well for shopping there.

    I pre-ordered the DXHR augmented edition from Gamestop and when I got it the Onlive coupon was missing.

    yup i havent bought from gamestop in 3 years. Dont even feel the need to. So this is how they compete with online wholesalers. Gamestop your doing great im sure your returning custoomer rates are awesome. lol

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