Gears Of War 3 Season Pass Available At Launch

Gears of War 3 comes out so soon we can almost see it. Yes on September 20 you'll get back to chainsawing through Locusts and friends alike. But also available at launch will be the Gears of War 3 season pass.

Priced at 2400 Microsoft points, the pass gives holders access to the first four pieces of DLC content, starting in November and continuing throughout the next year. The pass represents a 33 per cent savings versus buying each DLC add-on individually. In addition the season pass includes the exclusive "Liquid Metal Weapon Set". Ooooo shiny.


    Nah. I decided a while back to not bother picking up at launch. I'll be waiting for a discount.

      I think you're right there. I've been able to pickup the last 2 games for about $15 each in the bargin bins.

    Who the heck is that?
    Michael Ironside?*

    *PLEASE let it be Michael Ironside

    Since they're having dedicated servers, and these servers worked during the beta, this might be the first Gears of War game that'll be worth playing online for Australians.

    I think i might just bite. I loved the beta, great games, with very little lag, so this will definately be on the cards for me :)

    Season passes can be an attractive deal, but what am I actually getting for 2400 MSP? Maps Packs? Extra campaign content? (as hinted by Cliff). I'd feel much better about paying in advance if I knew what I was actually getting in advnace.

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