Gesundheit! Blew My Pants Off. With Snot.

Gesundheit! Blew My Pants Off. With Snot.

It ain’t easy being green, and it’s harder being a green, mucus filled piggy. Your fellow pigs want nothing to do with you. But when monsters invade your homeland, it’s up to you (and your nose) to save the day.

In Gesundheit!, the goal is to lead the monsters into traps, which are monster-eating sandworms with sharp teeth.

Good thing the monsters love eating snot! To lead them around the level, you can shoot snot rockets by pulling back your finger. Moving around is via tapping — just tap on where you want to go and your pig will trot over.

The slumbering monsters wake up and chase you around the beautiful levels. The game’s art design is like something out of a picture book — lovely stuff. Get too close to the monsters, and they will gobble you up!

There are buttons that you can stand on that open up passageways and slide open gates. There are even star portals that allow you to warp to different areas in a particular stage.

The levels also have three stars that you can collect as you are trying to ensnare the monster.

Gesundheit! is an impressive little game! The graphics, sound effects, music and gameplay are all top notch. There were times that I couldn’t quite get my pig to do what I wanted, but they were minor issues, and nothing that prevented me from enjoying the title.

Gesundheit! might be German for “bless you!”, but it’s “delightful” for gaming.

Gesundheit! [iTunes]

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