Get Up Close And Personal With A Very Evil Jedi

The upcoming Star Wars The Old Republic isn't all happy Jedi and sunflowers and rainbows and Rancor puppies. There are bad guys. And one of them is at Gamescom.

This is a lovely big statue of Darth Malgus, one of the villains of the PC MMO. He looks like he could do with a nap. And a facial. And a hug.


    Kind of stumped when it comes to original designs, aren't they?

      It's Star Wars EU. I think they're contractually-obligated to recycle as much original trilogy imagery as possible.

      That's why every single game has Stormtroopers and a Hoth level. For what's supposedly a back-water shithole, Hoth sure gets a lot of attention. I'm surprised it isn't in all the galactic history books considering all the game-changing events that happen there.

    That looks dope. I wonder how much it'll be on ebay...

    Instead of making a cool MMO with a KOTOR design....they just make everything Iconic. Might as well strip the KOTOR part of it and call it Star Wars Galaxies 2. Everything has a reference to Ep4-6 which makes me sad. Either make a KOTOR MMO or make a "Classic" era MMO like Galaxies was. Ill still buy it and like it though.....

    Design phase- 'hey guys wasn't it cool in episode VI when Darth Vader had his mask off? - oh yeah that was awesome lets go with that!"

    enter Darth Malgus

    The Sith

    Taking SPF factor way too seriously.

    As a star wars buff, I should point out that the design of the Sith character is in relation to the canon. It's a Sith design, something to do with some sort of dark side deity, I think.

    Anyway, that's why the designs are reminiscent of one another.

    Wait... wasn't Vader machined up the way he was because he fell into lava? Why does every other Sith need apparatus like that?


      The sith are power hungry they incorporate the dark side of the force into their bodies it corrupts them and causes the cracked skin and other shiznit (only very old or very powerful sith are affected this way) They use technology to couter those effects and to counter the effects f getting exploded on by grenades an crap all the time

        watch the tor trailers, malgus gets fraped by one of the jedi, thats why he has the equipment.

    He has a breathing mask, that is the ONLY thing that is the same as Vader. He isn't cyborg, just got his jaw a bit mangled

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