Get Your Tickets To The MineCraft Convention Before They’re Gone

Get Your Tickets To The MineCraft Convention Before They’re Gone

The official website for MineCon, the first annual celebration of all things MineCraft, is incredibly difficult to get to at the moment, as tickets for the big November event have officially gone on sale for $US99 apiece.

Held November 18 and 19 in Las Vegas, Nevada, MineCon is a chance for MineCraft players around the world to converge, swapping server addresses, patting each other on the back for the nifty things they’ve built, and basking in the shadow of creator Notch and his crack team of programmers, artists, and business peoples. Tickets are on sale now for the recently announced event, with an advance price of $US99 per person.

The first 500 fans that register for MineCon will be entered to win the “Ultimate Fan Experience”, which includes a hotel room for the show, VIP access to panels, and a meal with Team Mojang. Considering the strain fans are putting on the site at the moment, I’d expect that bird to have flown already.

In fact, the registration page seems to be suffering from some severe technical issues at the moment. Hopefully they’ll get that fixed shortly and we’ll be able to accurately judge how fast tickets sell out.

Get Your MineCon Tickets Here [Official Website]


  • That price seem utterly stupid unless there is an amazing amount of swag or some such. From what I can see though, there’s nothing that can justify such a cost. “Commemorative merchandise”? :\

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