Getting Up Close (and Very Personal) With The PlayStation Vita

This video isn't as sexy as it sounds (unless you start up some simultaneous saxophone). For those interested in the PlayStation Vita but who haven't laid hands upon one, however, it is practical.

It's a good look at the handheld's thumbsticks. And its tiny (though excellent) buttons. And its very shiny rear touchpad.


    I'm tempted to buy one just so I can have a PSP with real sticks rather than that annoying slidy nub thing (seriously, did anyone like that thing?)

      No, i think everyone can relate to the crappy thumb slider. (i dont consider it a thumb-stick)

    That thumbstick fiddling is positively pornographic.

    who played with the suggested music?

    I did and it actually worked really well, i happened to time it to make the right sound when he started touching the main buttons.

      I did, but I'm watching it at work and felt dirty. Also couldn't stop laughing, so I turned it off.

      Did anyone else notice the "I like the way you move" song playing in the background? Is that the song for the PS Move area? If so, kudos Sony.

    I was expecting the rear touch pad to have a matte finish. Not a fan of the shininess.

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