Go Home Dinosaurs Is The Name Of A New PAX Video Game

Go Home Dinosaurs Is The Name Of A New PAX Video Game

My co-favourite video game of the 2010 PAX East in Boston was an odd but joyous multiplayer tower-building/battling game called SlamBolt Scrappers. The people who made that, Fire Hose Games, are showing their next game at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle this weekend.

The new game is called Go Home, Dinosaurs. They describe it thusly:

Go Home Dinosaurs! is a fun new take on tower defence where players fit together puzzle piece shaped weapons powered by small, cute mammals to defend against invading, mischievous dinosaurs. Gophers shooting lasers! Pterodactyls attempting to crash your BBQ! METEORS RAINING DOWN FROM THE HEAVENS. Level up your character and gain new dino destroying abilities by collecting and trading cards. This game has it all, blending short, simple, easy-to-get-into fun with deep mechanics that keep things exciting and new. Pack your bags dinos, ’cause you’re going home!

Fire Hose’s Eitan Glinert tells me that he’s hoping to get the game on some combination of consoles, Steam and mobile. Worth a look, no? It will be at booth 6048 at PAX, in Indie Alley. We’ll be covering that game and everything else PAX-related later this week. Hopefully we’ll even be able to show you what this game looks like!

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