Good Morning! Here's 40 Minutes Of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

If the extended demonstration of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at Quakecon was good enough to fend off the onset of child birth to watch, then maybe you should grab a snack and settle in with it as well.

Captured via shakycam, the clip has some footage you've seen before, but then since it's forty minutes long, there's plenty you haven't seen as well. Including — and this is the stuff I love seeing the most in clips from upcoming games — the mundane stuff. Scrolling through menus, walking around, kicking the game world's tyres.

The gameplay starts around 5:00 in.

Also, Pete Hines? Way to rock the crowd. Wonder if he does weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

40 Minutes of Skyrim Gameplay. Thank Us Later. [Lo-Ping]


    From around 23mins in mute your volume, this was thrown up around 2pm yesterday our time and before i was had finished watching it, ithad been pulled.

    But in true net fashion, some people manged to DL it and then she went viral. From 23mins onward the picture will freeze for about 2 mins then the sound will come back on but 40sec out of sync.

      Here's the properly synced footage from this video.

      Also sorry for reporting your comment, misclick.

    Movement seems very clunky and theres no flow to combat.

      It's a video game man.

      lol what? I thought the combat animations were really well done.

      Only thing i hate is the fat horses :P

    lol errrr people making an X with their hands, so sad haha

    I like the idea of a bunch of dudes standing around a game with their hands in pockets idley kicking its tires, then looking under the bonnet as if they knew what they were actually looking for.

    I'd watch it but I've just gone into labor...oh what the hell I'll hang around and watch the whole thing.

    Do those people ever bloody STOP cheering at even the slightest thing that happens?

    Its a rock


    How are those sad cakes at 3:51 who start doing an X symbol with their arms to support the Xbox

    I feel dumber having watched that with the sound on.

    Interesting game, bunch of wankers watching it at QuakeCon.

    "KILL IT!"
    "KILL THEM!"


    I find it hard to believe that someone(s) actually booed "the PC version looks even better"

    'No, I refuse to believe that a system capable of running the most powerful graphics technology available could possibly produce better graphics than 6 year old technology.'

    God if the douchebags in the crowd are representative of typical gamers I don;t want to be part of that.

    Kill everything, Kill the dog, kill the horse, Im also pretty sure I heard someone yell out rape her as well.

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