Great Street Fighter Player's Not So Great Autograph

Daigo Umehara, aka "The Beast", is a pro-gamer. He's famous enough to get his picture on books he has little to do with!

Umehara's picture is on the book binding for the Japanese translation of tech thriller Daemon -- he didn't write it!

But, in Japan, photos of celebrities are often used on book covers in hopes of luring customers. Diago is internet famous and popular among gamers, but he's not yet famous like, say, Kayo Satoh, who is well known among non-gamers because of her television appearances and modelling.

In a recent interview, Umehara even autographed copies of Daemon, leading many Japanese netizens to note that his signature looks typed (ウメハラ) and that he really should practice his autograph so it has more flair!

Besides, if The Beast is going to promote something, let it be the t-shirt from our very own Mike McWhertor's Meat Bun.

本日開幕「GODSGARDEN #4」直前インタビュー。 [4Gamer]

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    Wow in that short article he has referred to Daigo 4 different ways...1 of them sounding more Hebrew than Japanese.

    -Daigo Umehara
    -The Beast


    i like it whaaaaaaaaat is this ?

    what is with all these posts about japan that i assume have little to no relevance to most visitors?

      your assumption is wrong. thats all.

        what makes you so sure? assuming?

          This indeed has no relevance to the majority of users. Bashcraft writes for Kotaku, but chose to live in Japan. So, we get these rubbish (and often poorly written) articles that have no relevance to anything.

          He has to earn that paycheck somehow.

            well this article reveals the fact there is a poorly (though subjective) signature by a famous street fighter pro gamer inside his own biography of sorts, such that kotaku readers may then be interested to buy the book, whether it is for the book itself, or the signature.

            do you guys know who he is?

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