Guess Which Character Marvel Worried Capcom Would Get Wrong

With more than 75 Marvel characters appearing in Capcom fighting games over the years, you'd think the comic maker would completely trust Capcom's judgment when it comes to how their heroes and villains appear in-game.

Not so with one particular character appearing in the soon-to-be released Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, the game's producer tells Kotaku.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 includes the original 36 characters from Marvel vs Capcom 3 and introduces a dozen new playable fighters, among them the master of the arcade, Dr Strange.

Dr Strange's inclusion in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 came about after people started to wonder why Shuma-Gorath was in the game and not his adversary Dr Stange, producer Ryota Niitsuma told me.

When Capcom got the approval to include Dr Strange in the fighter, that came with a surprising amount of hand-holding from the comic maker, he said.

"With Dr Strange, Marvel had some very special requests," he said. "They wanted him to do this this and this. It was very specific what they wanted him to do."

Nitsuma said that Marvel has never been that specific in the past.

"Dr Strange had the most specific requests they ever made," he said. "It was just unreal; what moves he had; what sort of hand gestures. Very specific."

He said the comic publisher even sent along illustrations showing exact hand positions for Dr Strange to use in the game.

"There were some bits and pieces we couldn't do," Niitsuma said. "There were some moves we had to counter-offer something else, and satisfy their needs for specific things in different ways."

Marvel even over-ruled some of the things Capcom wanted to change. For instance, Marvel requests that Dr. Strange float when he moves around the screen in the fighting game. But Niitsuma and his team said that too many of Marvel's characters were already floating. Eventually, Marvel got their way.

I asked Niitsuma if the close watch on how Dr Strange looked an moved in the game might be tied to the rumoured movie that's in the works. He declined to comment.


    I believe you might mean 'master of the arcane' and not arcade.

      lol silly kotaku

    Well it seems like it's paid off; judging from the trailers Strange is one of the most interesting and varied characters to ever be in a fighter. The guy's looking equal parts Mu from Blazblue, a bit of Dormammu, and some bullet curtain thrown in for good measure.

    Maybe Marvel know how to make a character in a fighter better than Capcom. :B

    Maybe Marvel could get it right the first time >:D

    There's a difference between making an interesting and varied character, and making a fighter that's balanced and fits in with the roster of a fighting game (Killer Instinct, anybody?). Still, it's good that Marvel and Capcom are actually working closely with one another, listening and compromising to ensure fans of both the comics and the games are equally satisfied.

    From the waist down he looks like a girl! Was that a direction given by Marvel??

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