Guild Wars 2 Gamescom Trailer Makes You Cry Before Laying Waste To Trolls

Amidst the bushels of chaos and action from upcoming games flying out of Germany this week, this idyllic new Guild Wars 2 trailer has you stop and contemplate it's picturesque beauty. And then, of course, it unloads it's own brand of chaos and action by the bushelful. I hope you have lots of empty bushels at home.


    Anyone know how to obtain the track from the first minute of the video? Love me some amazing piano.

    Good to see they don't intend to make it too graphically intensive. What's that final bit of the trailer though - Terminator 2?

    I love it how they keep releasing trailers despite the fact that we still don't have hardware specs or a tentative release date.

    I'm beginning to think this game is never going to come out.

    @Doraiya they are currently in alpha with closed and maybe open beta l8ter this year! I cannot wait. Also this is like the 3rd trailer. They said they don't want to make it graphically intensive so average computers can run it. =)

    Closed beta is confirmed for this year, and the open beta will be short. ArenaNet has said that they understand that open beta = basically the full game in the eyes of most fans, so we can expect to see it come out January-February most likely. It all depends on how close the game is to being finished: if closed beta starts in october, then it will be soon....

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