Halfbrick Talk Machine Gun Jetpack

Halfbrick Talk Machine Gun Jetpack

I loved Machine Gun Jetpack, Halfbrick’s latest iOS game, when I check it out during GDC this year and – to be perfectly honest, I’m surprised they haven’t brough it out yet! But never fear – Halfbrick has just released a new developer diary which discusses the new game and the concept of ‘simple awesomeness’.

Oh, and while you’re at it, you might as well check out our hands on!


  • I hate computer games i thought this was some advert for some hair brained darpa project like the oh what was that stupid thing called again?

    The internet? No thats not it.

    Global Arsenal Network i think it was called back in my day computers had bugs the size 4 bottle valves in paralell.

    What it is this place where am i?

    Stupid catch phrase advertising whipper snapZZzzz.

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