Halfbrick Talk Machine Gun Jetpack

I loved Machine Gun Jetpack, Halfbrick's latest iOS game, when I check it out during GDC this year and - to be perfectly honest, I'm surprised they haven't brough it out yet! But never fear - Halfbrick has just released a new developer diary which discusses the new game and the concept of 'simple awesomeness'.

Oh, and while you're at it, you might as well check out our hands on!


    Bring it to Android dammit, and not months after.

    Hahaha, 'explosiveness'. Only half brick would describe a game with a word like that. That's why I love them.

    And to Windows Phone as well.. Your Fruit Ninja is great on that platform!!!


      Nokia's Ovi too please?! Fruit Ninja was also good on that!

    I hate computer games i thought this was some advert for some hair brained darpa project like the oh what was that stupid thing called again?

    The internet? No thats not it.

    Global Arsenal Network i think it was called back in my day computers had bugs the size 4 bottle valves in paralell.

    What it is this place where am i?

    Stupid catch phrase advertising whipper snapZZzzz.

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