Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Multiplayer Maps Look Pretty

Just because we love you at Kotaku, we're giving you videos of two classic multiplayer maps, Beaver Creek and Damnation, for free! Enjoy the nostalgia of blasting your friends with a plasma rifle.


    Pretty, cant wait to see the second map vid!

    If I wanted to play reach, I'd play reach, why couldn't they make the mp the way people actually want?

      Because dividing a community due to a budget re-release is a bad idea for the community.

      Exactly what SOX said, it is people with your mentality that ruin the Halo community.

        It's supposed to be a remake. Most people don't want the game because of its new elements, they want it because it's CE with better graphics.

        The way I see it, if people want to play Reach, go ahead, play Reach. But a lot of us want the good old CE multiplayer exactly the way it was back in the day, not this CoD'd up bullshit.

      Actually I'm keen to play Reach's multiplayer but couldn't care less about its campaign so this game seems to provide a good solution.

      mostly because the Halo:CE multiplayer network code was only written with system link in mind. if put out into the wild with just a new graphics layer, griefers would run amuk, and just as likely, the thing would shit itself anytime it ran into less than ideal network conditions.
      Using the reach multiplayer engine is a very smart move, + they have already said they are making as many tweaks as they can to make it feel like the original anyway.

        Horrible idea.... The majority of people that haven't done their research are going to be extremely upset when they realize its just reach multiplayer... They are not dividing a community.... Halo CE players and many of my friends put reach in for a day and went back to call of duty. This is probably the only fps that would take me away from call of duty. They had a real chance to make something awesome and blew it. As far as the netcode goes...I played on xbox-connect all the time on the internet before xbox live existed with zero problems.

    Did anybody even like those levels? I hated Damnation.

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