Hans Brix Might Want To Send Inspectors To Kim Jong-il’s Gold Farm

Hans Brix Might Want To Send Inspectors To Kim Jong-il’s Gold Farm

An awesome tale from Friday’s New York Times alleges that Mister Fun himself, Kim Jong-il, finances his nookular ambitions with the proceeds of an MMO-gold farming operation.

Cops in Seoul on Thursday arrested five persons who engaged a team of North Korean hackers to breach the servers for South Korean MMOs Lineage and Dungeon and Fighter, which allowed nonstop “play” by gold farming bots. The operation grossed more than $US6 million in two years for the organisers, who gave 55 percent of it to the hackers.

But wait, it gets better. The hackers are “all graduates of North Korea’s elite science universities,” some of which work for a company with ties to “a shadowy Communist Party agency called Office 39,” says the Times. Office 39 “gathers foreign hard currency for Mr. Kim through drug trafficking, counterfeiting, arms sales and other illicit activities,” Holy shit, that is awesome. No one knows how to give shadowy organisations vague-yet-threatening titles like a totalitarian regime.

Office 39 is believed to oversee a slush fund worth billions, which funds North Korea’s nuclear program and keeps the elites in Rolexes and caviar while the rest of the country eats that crud they put on Bruce Wayne’s plate in Batman Begins. Or was that what James Bond had to eat in Die Another Day? Whatever, it was nasty.

Seoul Warns of Latest North Korean Threat: An Army of Online Gaming Hackers [The New York Times]


  • IS this like the smoking dope caused 911 thing??

    Cheat by buying gold and arm North Korea with nukes and kill us all….you bastards!!

  • “Office 39” … that just sounds cool for a shady opperation!!

    So… i wonder what the other 38 offices are responsible for……

    • I heard that office 35 is in charge of keeping Kim Jong-il’s kahki suit “ultra modern” (lame in other words) lol.

  • Office 34 – in charge of national mental health (al staff deceased)
    office 33 – in charge of thirds of things
    Office 32 – in charge of Kim’s personal boogie theme music that
    plays wherever he goes!
    Office 31 – department of crushing thing and people under stylish
    military boot heels.

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