Harmonix Inspired By Independence

Harmonix Inspired By Independence

Harmonix Inspired By IndependenceSpeaking to Eurogamer, Harmonix VP Tracy Rosenthal-Newsom discussed the future of Harmonix post the split from Viacom – and she seems pretty optimistic.

“We are very well supported but really the most important thing is there’s a huge amount of creative energy that has bubbled up during our independence,” she said.

“As we’ve been in development on Dance Central 2 we’ve also been in development on a bunch of new ideas. It’s just been terrific to see the company get back to the core collaborative design process that we have – putting small games together, making prototypes and thinking up really innovative gameplay. We’re super excited to see what comes of that in the future.”

Harmonix practically invented the modern iteration of the rhythm game with the original Guitar Hero, before perfecting it with Rock Band 3. Cleverly, Harmonix has focused resources on the booming Dance Central series whilst simultaneously working on new project Vidrhythm.

And despite the fact that peripheral and software sales of Rock Band have dwindled, the Rock Band store continues to thrive.

“It’s still a very successful business for us. There are a tonne of Rock Band players out there waiting to see what’s next every week. We’ve get a lot of really high profile artist [lined up] . There’s been a real focus on some incredible content and that will continue on week after week,” she claimed.

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