Have Some Cake, Atlus. Catherine Sold Quite Well.

We get game news in some pretty strange ways. Today, Atlus USA's twitter feed posted a picture of a cake, upon which was the news that their groovy/odd sex-puzzler Catherine sold 200,000 copies in its first week.

So while that number is unconfirmed, it seems worth taking Atlus at their word. Or taking them at their cake? Taking their cake at its frosting? Er… assuming that the cake tells the truth, Catherine has done quite well for itself.

It's nice to see an arty, out-in-left-field game like Catherine have a good first week.

Catherine Cake [Twitter via Giant Bomb]


    I imported it and it came just the other day, really enjoying it, such a breath of fresh air.

      Dude I'm allergic to cephalexin, on the otherhand I'm going to import Catherine

    I imported it, it showed up and I spam finish played it in like 2 days.

    Such a damn good game. I'm glad it did well, it deserved to kick some ass.

    I am incredibly glad I imported this game! My girlfreind and I have been rushing home from work every night to play it. Sure it mostly resolves into debates about how I answer the questions and which Catherine we choose, but it's been a tonne of disturbing fun!
    If the Persona team can do this on a current gen console, I can't wait to see what happens with Persona 5.

    Definitive proof that sex does sell.

    If this game had been presented as a japanese puzzle platformer I doubt it would have sold at all, but the inclusion of a mysterious blonde dominatrix catapults the game in to platinum sales.

    Sure, it's an Atlus game, but you would have to be lying if you said you where playing this fore the gameplay rather than the story of fan sevice.

    Anyone got thier copy from videogamesplus yet?

      I haven't. :( I just rushed home, all hopeful and excited...nothing yet, though.

    Wouldn't it be a more fitting celebration if that icing image was on CHEESECAKE?

    damn now im intrigued to import the game. Last Atlus game i remember enjoying was Snowboard Kids 2.

    The cake is the truth!

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