Have Some Heavy Metal With Your Moon-Zombies In Call Of Duty: Black Ops

In space, no one can hear you scr... yeah, you know the drill. No one can hear much of anything actually, except for the groans of endlessly advancing zombies, and the choked coughs of machine gun fire.

Thankfully, Call of Duty: Black Ops's DLC zombie map "Moon" features an unlockable musical easter egg that dials in a healthy dose of arse-kicking metal to the proceedings. Activating it is a simple matter of finding a few teddy bears, which YouTube user TheMediaCows has been kind enough to share in the video above.

I like how excited his onscreen character gets that he's finally found the music. Though who can blame him? Space can get lonely sometimes. It's nice to have a decent soundtrack.


    What a weird song. Lacuna Coil-esque sections randomly tied together with male vocals that are a throwback to old school hardcore :S

    OMG! This song kicks butt!
    Who is it? What is the name of the song?

      Coming Home by Elena Siegman

    The metal they have in COD games REALLY annoys me... I don't mind some metal, but the stuff they have in the game is shitty I reckon.

    Thanx 4 da Teddy Bear locations & Rockin Song!

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