Hawken's New Trailer Isn't Big On Smiles, Rainbows Or Puppies

Upcoming multiplayer shooter Hawken, which just looks fucking cool, doesn't have a singleplayer campaign. So it doesn't really have much of a story. What it does have, though, is a filthy dirty megalopolis/anime setting, which this moody new trailer shows off.

There's also some gameplay footage at the end, if all you're here for is more shots of mecha blowing the crap out of each other.

Hawken, the work of nine men, is one of the big surprises of 2011, coming out of nowhere and landing a prominent spot on many people's "must see MORE" lists.

For more info on the game, check out this big interview I did with its creators earlier in the year.

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    I like mech fights... I'd feel like I'm fighting in a dirty Olympus (Appleseed). That's pretty cool.

    It has plenty of smiles, they just happen to be coming from your side of the screen. :D

    On my list of games in development WANT list, this is number 1*

    *Mechwarrior is off the list because nothings been shown or said for YEARS

      I am pretty sure it is in development hell as they haven't really updated us since stating that they were looking for a publisher and I am very doubtful that in this day and age they are likely to find one that is willing to sink money into a niche group.

        You can bet your arse Microsoft is going to be the publisher.
        They'd have been damn stupid if they didn't make that a condition of selling the licence back to Jordan Wisemann.

        Bryan Eckman is the lead and he's asking people what they want from the game on his blog... and the president of Piranha games tweeted last week that they'd be announcing soon. The guys at MekTek have advised that the copyright claims from Harmony Gold are not the issues.

        It's more likely that they were focussing on doing the multiplayer for Duke Nukem.

      Yeah I was looking forward to that before they got bogged down in the same legal issues every company has. They should never have gone for that "old world - stolen mech design" charm.

      I don't think this will be a spiritual successor though. There's a lot different. This is more shooter than simulator, and mech loadouts seem at this stage to be picking one gun for each arm and rolling out. Some mechanics are there though, like heat and torso twisting.

      Either way I'm looking forward to this, I just don't want to spoilt a good indy game by expecting things of it that it isn't.

    (Movie trailer guy voice)
    On a distant planet colonized by man,
    Some stuff happened,


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