Here's 7 Minutes Of Mario Kart 7

Mario Kart on the DS is probably my favourite Mario Kart of all time, so along with Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 7 is my most anticipated game on the 3DS. So I was pretty happy when I stumbled across this video, which features seven minutes of Mario Kart 7 in action.

To be perfectly honest, there's nothing too mindblowing here. The game looks and plays exactly as you'd expect. To be perfectly honest, the success of this game, for me, will be dependent on the track design. The first track in this video I'm not too crazy about, the second, however, is quite clever.

I'm looking forward to this one.

Thanks Nintendomination


    I'm VERY tempted to head over to a netcafe and watch this...but I won't.

      Do it!!!!!

    Looks great! Cant wait to get this. I hear the 3D is really well done in this also:)

    This just looks boring. Im tired of the same mediocre gameplay with each generation of systems.
    If people want to waste money on the same crap we've been playing since the SNES and N64 - go right ahead.

      If it ain't broke don't fix it.

      Thanks, I think I will!

      I guess you don't like CoD either.

      You're obviously not much of a Mario Kart fan if you think it hasn't evolved from the SNES era. Mario Kart DS ftmfw!

    Mario Kart Wii was the first Mario Kart game that I've played (properly), and also one of the most frustrating games I've ever played. Is that game supposed to be the worst in the series though?

      For me, Anything after the Snes original Mario Kart just doesnt live up to the standards. The original just had the most tight controls, a lot of speed, the best item selections (none of this silly blue turtle shell rubbish!) and also the best designed multiplayer and single player maps..

      The Wii one I thought was okay. Id say it was one of the betters but not the best by far.

    Mario Kart has been pretty samey since the GameCube version. I'd like them to try something drastically new.

    Mario Kart Wii was only frustrating if you played it with the wheel. They seem to have been getting easier over the years.

      Frustrating with the wheel? How so?

        Frustrating in that it doesn't allow the same precision of control that an analogue stick does.

        But I'm just talking about my own experiences. I used the wheel twice and hated it. I've played people online who can use the wheel quite well, it's just not my cup of whisky.

          Ahh fair enough, I loved the wheel and found it to be incredibly precise.

            Yeah, I'd agree with that. I'm all over the place with the wheel. Classic Controller is the way to go for me.

            Looking forward to this new mario kart though, I'm kind of surprised the person playing it wasn't powersliding around the corners at all.

            I've probably clocked up more hours in Mario Kart DS than any other game on a handheld and I reckon I could give anyone a run for their money in it :)

      Mario Kart has mediocre gameplay? I'm pretty sure one of the questions we will use in the future to determine if you have a human soul or not is wether Mario Kart makes you smile and curse in equal quantities.

    The player didn't slide once, for shame.

      With those weird thumbs I'm not surprised!

        I know right!?!?
        I was too distracted by how fat his thumbs were!!!

        Omg I thought I was the only one who noticed her thumbs

    I remember when Mario Kart tracks were based on good design rather than gimmicks like going underwater and having hang gliders. The ones on Wii were just bizarre.

    Doesn't blow my mind, doesn't repulse me. However one thing that genuinely threw me was when the player fell off that narrow section of the track into the water. For me the conditioned response in Mario Kart is "when you fall off the track, the bald nerd riding the happy cloud comes and fishes you out" Something that's happened countless times to countless Mario Kart players is now no longer a blunder but a potential tactic.

      You obviously never managed the leap of faith on rainbow road on N64.
      Massive risk, but huge reward.

        Oh yeah, forgot about that! I loved the multiplayer occasions when all 4 racers leapt off the map at the very beginning of the race, with maybe one person actually succeeding in making the shortcut. I think I only pulled it off once or twice.

    Unless it has the ability to turn off items in the lobby (which would make it the vastly superior mariokart) I'm not buying this game again. In terms of gameplay, its more stagnant than FIFA.

      Well its probably a bit tricky when your game is based on a real sport, and real sports don't tend to change much unfortunately. - one of the reasons I'm more interested in video games!

    This looks allright. Mario Kart DS was a fantastic game, and as long as it doesn't have the same pathetic item balance as the Wii version, I'll play it heaps.

    Mario Kart DS was one of the best games on the system, cept for Devil Survivor of course.

    I just bought this game, plus mario land and SMTDSOverclocked off Amazon, the american ones. Woo.

    I'm happy that you actually have some control over your hang-glider. The trailer sort of made it look like you didn't. I wonder if how well you land makes a difference...

    As long as the online multiplayer is decent, this is going to be a very thoroughly-played game for me. :P

    lol, I remember the 3DS

    Hope their is more than the 8 characters shown and you can unlock more as you play.

    Hope thats just an option to play 2 laps per race because thats quite short otherwise.

    Waiting for my WFC information, at this point Nintendo would have to purposely screw up MK7 for me to not get it. I was a huge fan of the DS one, though, so that may have something to do with it.

    Also interested in seeing how well the L button holds up to drifting...

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