Hollywood Secures Movie Rights To Indie Mech Shooter Hawken

Hollywood Secures Movie Rights To Indie Mech Shooter Hawken
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Gamers aren’t the only ones impressed by upcoming indie mech shooter Hawken‘s distinctive style and dynamic combat. Hollywood has taken notice as well, and now there’s a movie in the works. A Romeo & Juliet meets District 9 movie.

That’s how developer Adhesive apparently refers to the story behind Hawken, according to production company DJ2 Entertainment’s Dmitri M. Johnson. His company has managed to snag the rights to the ambitious multiplayer game being created by nine men at the small independent game developer. Apparently a personal recommendation to the developer led to Johnson securing the rights, the team initially hesitant to worry about a movie with the game still in development.

While there is no writer attached to the movie project yet, Johnson does lay out a basic plot.

As for the story, it follows two young pilots from separate clans pitted against one another after a devastating virus has covered most of the heavily industrialized planet surface in toxic crystal, creative director Dan Jevons told TheWrap.

“They witness an event that suggests there is more to the nano-virus than meets the eye,” Jevons said. “Now the race is on to discover the virus’ origins and true purpose before their respective clans wipe each other out in a final, climatic battle.”

But wait, isn’t Hawken strictly a multiplayer affair? Where’s this story coming from? Adhesive’s Jonathan Kreuzer told Kotaku that the game will remain multiplayer, and any movie bits won’t necessarily be directly related to the game.

It’s sounds like more of that transmedia I keep hearing so much about. The game will be one experience, the movie another experience with tenuous hooks to the game. I’m sure the movie will turn out nice; I’m not all that concerned. They can release the worst movie ever created as long as the game turns out OK.

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