Holy Moly 2. Battlefield 3's New 64-Player Trailer Looks Lovely


    holy crap.. that looks epic...


      That being said... i would much prefer to be piloting pure unadulterated euphoria

    I haven't been this excited for a game since Perfect Dark!

    Ohh God! that is pure eye candy.

    Why can't I feel my jaw, oh wait it's on the ground.

    Damn. I'm already excited beyond belief for this game, but oh man that looked amazing

    OMG This is what i want, 64 MP goodness with tanks, planes and ground support vehicles and troops.

    Now why the **** does EA have to screw this all up with no MOD support ?????? This game could of been epic and would of sold way more copies on PC.

      No mods = more maps they can let you buy = more money for them = happy EA.

        But so far they havent charged for maps, all free for VIP members (anyone who bought the game new or bought the access code). The only things they charged for were Vietnam (completely separate MP),onslaught mode and spec op kits in BFBC2. And they said that Frostbite 2 is too complex to release mod tools anyway. I think you are confusing EA for activision here ;)

          the original Battlefield never had an mod support either until it was like a year old. Infact lots and lots of games never had mod support or SDKs yet modders found a way

    Hope ps3 version has a epicness to it's MP too :/

      Consoles are only going to have 32 player MP because the hardware is so shitty and outdated (within 6 months of release) that the platform cannot handle the extra players.

    I never kept up with the BF3 news... but 64 man brawl!? ZOMG want!

    DO WANT!

    Very nice and back to 64 player servers too. Only one thing stopping me considering getting BF3 - Origin.

      can you explain to me why please? i understand that a lot of people want the majority of their games linked to a steam account, but is opening another launcher instead of steam really going to kill your entire enjoyment of the game?

        It's got nothing to do with Steam and everything about having to pay to extend the ability to download a game you've purchased. To a maximum of 5 years extension. After that? Purchase the game again. It's a crappy business model and I simply don't support it.

        "Get it on disc then", I hear you say. Well that certainly is an option - but by default EA would still think I support Origin and their payment policy.

        Let alone the fact it's based on EADM and that was a horrendous mess with support alone. Your newly purchased key doesn't work? EA say "tough, buy another key".

        You'd be better off just giving your money away, to random people on the street, in cases like that.

    anyone heard if they have system link on the console versions?


    i dont get this 64 man battle thing, BC2 had that, so is it 64V64, or 64 all up? :/

      BC2 had 32 player aka 16v16. So BF3 PC version is 64 so 32v32 player.

    Okay I'm sold. Want.

    And the memories of many a late night playing BF2 come flooding back...

    BC1/2 can go suck it, THIS is what the BF series is all about! Stupidly Epic Massive PC Multiplayer CARNAGE!

    I want the PC version so bad...but my pc is shit:(

      then upgrade it really doesnt cost as much as you think. if u currently have a dual core which like everyone has since like 2000 just slap in a semi new graphics card and you can play it. can get gt430's for like $58 and that can easily handle bf3

    Seriously considering cancelling my console preorder to wait until I can get a new PC. >_>

    Do we know if it has LAN play yet? I'm hoping it does, as BF2 is still a favourite at LANs in my town.

    HAHA wow... F-18 vs SU-27

    Take that train-tracked Ancient Warfare 3 lol

    Man Bobby Kotick must be shitting his pants after seeing this.

    I bet he'd give his right testicle to try out the beta (If only EA let him)

      Not to nitpick but it's the modernised SU-35 with 3D thrust-vectoring. An absolute beast of manouverability..

    This clip just killed any moral or inner doubts I have about Origin. Origin client now installed. Preorder purchased. Let the battle commence.

    Now that is sweet! If the masses dont buy this instead of Call of Duty, they is to far gone...

    awesome :o

    It may have some pretty post processing visuals, but It has nothing of Arma3, 64 players is nothing, Arma2 supported hundreds.

      Yeah but Arma 2 is too difficult and the AI is voiced by GPSes :|

        LOL, true true. But ArmA is alot of fun when you've got a clan to play it with.

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