Holy Moly. Battlefield 3 Has Some Gorgeous Screenshots

Holy Moly. Battlefield 3 Has Some Gorgeous Screenshots

With screenshots that look this pretty, I would guess we’re looking at a PC version. But we’ll have trailers that were running on a PS3 up soon.

What a looker.


  • these simply cannot be screenshots. nope definitely not. I swear they just stick goPro cams on some soldiers and give you those pictures as screenshots

  • Wow. the video is awesome, but judging off the overhead of “Caspian Border”, that map is really small for a Battlefield 2 successor. Take the F/A-18E pic for example – it looks like the camera is overhead the US base, the two fighters are overhead point D in the middle of the map, and just below them you can see the runway of the RU base. seems like (terrain permitting) it could follow the BC2 ‘cap one point while shooting defenders at an adjacent’ problem that stifles tactics. still, overall, looks bigger than any BC2 map, but nothing on classic BF2 sadly. Bonus q to anyone who didn’t tldr… anyone else notice the A-10 sitting on the US runway? wonder if it’s flyable or just static…

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