Hot New Dark Souls Screens Show Its 'Clothing Optional' Class

This year's Gamescom brings something new from Dark Souls, the dark role-playing game from From Software and Namco Bandai. Not only do we get a closer look at some character creation—the faces are still horrifying—but many of the game's default character classes.

If you're a Dark Souls/Demon's Souls fan, you've likely seen the semi-sequel's new Pyromancer and Knight. What about the game's Deprived, the class that fights hellspawn bravely with little more than a loincloth and plank shield? What about its still awkward-looking facial customisation and player stats? That's all here in the latest batch of Dark Souls media.

Go for a gallery tour of the latest Dark Souls screens above, showing off some lovely looking outdoor environments, plenty of things on fire and some nearly-naked demon slayers. Kotaku will have more from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game soon from Gamescom.


    Thief "Has Master Key". Now that's temptation. I normally wouldn't play a thief class but with a Master Key? Hard to resist.

      Yeah, and with how Demon's Souls was, class pretty much ended up meaning nothing, so it might be an easy choice. That said, I kind of get the feeling they're trying to put in a bit more difference with each class with that class art/summary picture, so maybe there'll be more distinguishable features.

    If this is anything like Demon's Souls, go for the class that starts with the awesome equipment aka Royal/Master Key in this one.

    After Soul Level 8, the classes are basically the same anyway. Best way was to be a bit of a jack of all trades, so you can use a bow to kill that dragon and use magic to kill some annoying enemies (that blob thing in the prison) while still focusing on hand to hand combat for 70% of enemies.

    Now that I have a decent PS3 controller I really must get back to Demons Souls so I can finish it before Dark Souls comes out

    wow looks like the character customization looks deeper this time w/c imo is a welcome addition as the first game is preety basic at best

    but i hope (dear god i hope!) that it still have the same hardcore aethetics!

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