How Are You Holding Up? Because This Is A Real Life GlaDOS Potato

The invention of the television, the lightbulb, the integrated circuit - when it comes to greatest technological triumphs in human history I reckon this real life GlaDOS potato is at least in the top five.

This guy wanted to have a real life GlaDOS to keep on his person at all times, so he built one. It talks! And it looks amazing!

I would pay good money for this - they totally need to make this a thing you can buy. And a pocket sized Michael Winslow sound effects machine - can someone get on that?

This GLaDOS potato is a lie [Hackaday]


    I should realy go out and buy this game... Missing so many inside jokes.

    Something about having an expanded story line kinda put me off at release.
    I quite liked the simplicity of portal 1.
    it was just a straight forward first person puzzle game with a few hidden quirks.

    Guess ill shop around this weekend.

      Mark, I can't believe you just spoiled the entire game for this poor soul!

      Oh, and btw M1557, Portal 2 for PC is only $30 on steam these days.

        it's only around $27 from ozgameshop (they recently restocked it) - so not only is it cheaper, but you don't need to wait for the entire thing to download either!

          No, you've just got to wait 2-3 weeks for it to arrive. Get with the times man! Digital Downloads, it's the way of the future! :P

            I prefer to digitally download, but I refuse to pay an Aussie funtax.

              Valve doesn't put Australian taxes on their products. It's all the other publishers using Steam that put in an Australian tax.

          Just the 2 weeks or so weeks it takes to get there...but it is cheaper if you are patient.

            But ultimately pointless since $3 is a single cup of coffee (not even at some coffee shops) and the game activates on Steam anyway so why wait for delivery?

            Also if M1557 has a friend who wants Portal 2 the double pack is only $27.50 each and even then that's in US dollars so it comes to $26.40!

              That was a recent price change, interestingly a day after I sent Gabe an email about the pricing issue on Steam.

              Before that, it was 40% extra.

              Thanks for the feedback guys.
              Did i read right at one point that if you buy it on ps3 you can also play it on steam?

              I think that the other thing that has put me off, rather than grabbing the steam copy i've sided with buying a ps3 version. Which always seems to be around the 90+ dollar mark.

                Yep, that's right, the PS3 version also comes with a copy of the PC version (but you'll have to download it).
                Ozgameshop have the PS3 version for $39 but, as stated above, it'll take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

                You're still doing it wrong:

                Just buy it on PC, your wallet and conscience will thank you.

      Portal 2 has a strong start and a strong finish. It actually feels a bit long because there's a large section in the middle where the pacing is all over the place, but it's a brilliant addition to the story and once the pace picks up again it's tough to stop playing.

    That was kinda creepy... i'll stick to potato salad


    Now for extra geek points, do all that with a *real* potato! :P

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