How To Turn A PlayStation 3 Theft Into A Drug Bust

How To Turn A PlayStation 3 Theft Into A Drug Bust

17-year-old Bobby Lee Huffman of Hickory, North Carolina, called the police to his home on Monday after he discovered his PlayStation 3, controllers and games had apparently been stolen. Then Bobby Lee did something incredibly stupid.

Officers responded to the Huffman residence on Monday, where Bobby Lee showed them where the alleged criminals had torn the screen to the side door of his house and broken some glass in order to gain access to his missing PlayStation 3. According to police reports the break-in occurred sometime between 1pm and 6pm.

Trouble began when Bobby Lee’s mother told the police she suspected some of her son’s friends had stolen the console. What kind of friends would do such a thing? Why, drug using friends, of course.

So the police officer that responded to the call asked Bobby Lee if he had any illegal substances on the premises.

Shortly thereafter, Huffman was arrested, charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

*rubs temples* Look kids, when you pick up the phone and call the police to your home, the first thing you do before they arrive is make sure there are no illegal substances in the house. At the very least, make sure they are well hidden.

And second? When a police officer asks you if there are illegal substances in the house, you don’t just run and fetch them. Bobby Lee handed over a small quantity of pot, some pipes and a grinder. I like to imagine him like a little puppy, wagging his tail, not realising what he’s holding in his maw is a severed human hand.

So on top of losing $US350 worth of video game equipment, Bobby Lee is now facing drug charges, released into his mother’s custody on a $US500 unsecured bond.

*throws confetti*

Stolen Video Game Leads To Drug Arrest For Teen []


  • Yet another person who should have a great future, now charged with marijuana possession.

    That will probably make getting a good job alot harder or even impossible at some places.

    All this over a harmless plant.
    What a waste…

    • A fair point, sir… But I won’t lie to you, I’m not sure I’d want someone that dumb working for me anyway, regardless of any drug charges 😉 Essentially, this chap has saved a lot of potential employers the hassle of interviewing a moron!

        • Obeying unjust laws is stupid. I don’t smoke pot, haven’t for years and I doubt I’d take it up if it were legal but it being criminalised is ridiculous.

          • laws are forever changing, at some point the world will realise that the amount of benefits that come from the marijuana plant are too many to ignore, and it will be decriminalized.
            That being said, if one day i woke up and everyone outside was stoned, i imagine the world would be a very different place (no violence, but no wit either). The stigma behind even weed makes it impossible to convince anyone that grew up with all the drug war propaganda, but once our generation (now 20’s) are in the later years and controlling everything, i would like to hope that we can focus on shit that matters (education, awareness, mental health, unemployment) instead of wasting time and money charging people for speeding or smoking pot or whatever other crap the government can think of

          • Eeeeh to a point.
            Weed is harmful, just not excessively and immediately so. Ease up on the convictions sure but it is illegal for a reason.

            And speeding? Legitimize hoons and watch the road tolls rise. And it will be the laden family car that cops it, not the hoons.

    • “/Should/ have a great future?” Why is this? Just because he is a -I’m guessing here, fellow- stoner? Someone who makes poor decisions shouldn’t have a great future, nor necessarily a bad one. Simply one result of his choices as this person just discovered.

  • A $500 bond for bloody marijuana possession? That’s insane.

    Well, unless you like ruining kids’ lives and futures. YAY WAR ON DRUGS.

    *throws confetti*

  • Anyone who says pot is harmless is a fool; you DONT know what you’re talking about. Actually look into the subject before you argue the point, cause one day an educated person might actually put you in your place. Especially in the field of psychology… pot does AMAZING things to your brain and motor functions, and not in the good way.

    • I wouldn’t say it’s harmless, but I wouldn’t class it as any worse than the side effects of alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs .

      I also think blanket statements condemning all of a certain opinion as fools is foolish, and would not think a well educated person would be so flippant in making these kind of remarks 😀

    • I’ve been smoking pot for about 5 years now and have had no ill effects. I have a full time job as a cnc machinist, I’m hard working and pay taxes. I also know numerous adults who also smoke and what do you know, they are all in good health and all have jobs. I think you are the one who doesn’t know what you are talking about. Why should a government decide what I can or can not do with my life, it’s not their place to make those kind of decisions.

    • >cause one day an educated person might actually put you in your place.

      bahahaha and educated person…..

      An educated person would link a peer reviewed scientific study that proves his thesis (your stupid ass statement), but of course you’re not an educated person and i HIGHLY doubt you hold a PHD in the field of psychology that you claim to know so much of, plus there has never been actual proven study of psychological harm to be caused by marijuana, only theories. If you knew anything about the human brain you would know that its biochemistry and inner workings are so diverse that we haven even scrapped the top of barrel as to how and what pro-actively affects it.

      tl;dr stfu you stupid infant, develop an educated opinion based on fact, not propaganda or what is more commonly the socially acceptable ideology.

  • Actually, when the police ask you that question it is very wise to show them what you have. Coz, if you tell them no and when they search your house and find it, you dont get off as easy, same as pleading quilty in court to something you DID do, saves you alot of trouble. And thats from experience as I used to be a pothead many years ago!

  • huffman eh, well he was huffin the wrong buds by the sounds of it.

    Australia is pretty lax, and Ive never heard of anyone getting in trouble for possessing a small personal amount. The law is there, however unlike america it is not often enforced, police have better things to do chasing pill pressers.

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