I Am YOU From The Future - There's NO TIME TO EXPLAIN...

Yes. It's finally out. No Time To Explain, the source of one of the greatest LunchTimeWasters ever has finally been made into a full game.

It hasn't been added to Steam or any other major digital distributors just yet, but you can buy the game from the official website for $10US.

In addition, there is a season 2 release of the game, with new content, which will be free to anyone who buys the game.


    Ahahaha, -YES-. But did they tighten up the controls from the flash game? It was always a bit temperamental...

    I'll buy it once it comes on steam.

    I loved the flash game, hopefully the full game is a bit longer than the original haha

    Sold as soon as i saw the Sharktopus...maybe this can replace that horrible movie in my mind....

    This looks stupid as hell. I MUST have it.

    Yay! Can't wait to go home and download it! I'm glad I joined in on the Kickstarter fun!

    Am I the only one who's disappointed the music is different (bar the end, which is only one second of non-gameplay footagge)

    Its a lot of fun, but still has some serious bugs (the only real one of concern to me so far is that it doesn't capture the mouse, so quite frequently you will die by no fault of your own because the game doesn't register your actions).

    I would recommend buying it all the same, support indie developers and we all win, and I am sure that buying it now will give the guys more do$h then if you waited for the super stable steam release, then just don't play it till it goes live elsewhere :)

    That shotgun guy is awesome!

    Isn't "No Time To Explain" the subheading of the next CoD?

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