id Sets Quake 3 Source Code Free Post-Rage

During his keynote speech this afternoon at QuakeCon 2011, id Software's John Carmack revealed that the source code for Doom 3 would be released to the public later this year, sometime after the October release of Rage.


    Title fail.

    Article fail.

    KotakuUS fail.

      Not really a fail as Quake 3 used the same engine but its normally referred to the Doom 3 engine.

        You mean Quake 4...

        Quake 3 used idTech 3, Doom 3 used idTech4.

        "while id Tech 4 contains code from id Tech 3, much of it has been rewritten."

          *facepalm, yep you are absolutely right, this is a fail.

          I see a game of penalties is in order, what shall be my punishment?

            The shame of making a mistake on the internet is punishment enough. Now run along you cheeky little scamp.

    I love you Mr. Carmack.

      I'll give it to you before Rage comes out:

    Hmm... that's weird, I think they are still using the idtech4 engine with Prey 2 coming out next year, I thought Brink would have been the last idtech4 game.

      I'd assume it's highly modified for Prey 2, but either way open-sourcing an engine doesn't make a commercial game any less valuable.
      Torchlight uses OGRE, and that's open source/community developed.
      Remember that the CoD series uses a modified idTech3 - Carmack makes incredible software and it's no surprise that his work can be modified to suit more advanced purposes.

        You are not wrong there, as i said before that the idtech4 engine is still being used to make commercial video games.

        But i suspect that the engine is now going to be open source, Prey 2 will be the last game to use that engine.

    It's going to be interesting to see what the community can come up with using the engine. I wonder if we'll see something along the lines of Urban Terror or True Combat: Elite, only updated for a more modern engine.

      I am looking forward to actually playing Doom 3 in decent resolutions for one =)

    Games journalism.

      I like the part where they are too busy playing games to write anything

        I don't even think they actually play the games. They just say they do, then go off and smoke a big fat doobie or whatever.

          Your theory has a ring of truth to it.

    Ah Quake 3, what an epic fast paced shooter it was. I can't help but feel it's far too inferior these days to care for.

    What???? So the Quake 3 engine is free, or the Doom 3 engine? Bit of a difference there! Perhaps a few more details, like oh I don't know, an article rather than a sentence would clear things up!

    Does Kotaku AU not get Kotaku US's edits? Looks like they fixed the title in the US version, but we don't get the update?

    News reporting fail.

    agree should have been an easy pickup, unless kotaku lovin on all the haters these days?

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