If Anyone Needs Me I’ll Be Growing And Selling Pot On Facebook

If Anyone Needs Me I’ll Be Growing And Selling Pot On Facebook

While there are several Facebook games that involve growing and distributing marijuana, only one is the official game of the Showtime original series Weeds. It’s OK to grow and sell pot when Mary Louise Parker is involved!

Just about everything is OK as long as Mary Louise Parker is involved, especially when she’s playing the widowed (remarried twice over) housewife Nancy Botwin, forced into the whacky world of weed pushing in order to support her one relatively normal and one completely creepy (and somewhat murderous) sons. It’s a weird and wonderful life, filled with Mexican gangsters, original gangsters, amorous FDA agents, and crazy brother-in-law Andy, who plays the role of your mentor in Weeds Social Club, now available on Facebook from Ecko|Code (formerly Marc Ecko Entertainment).

In Weeds Social Club, you play the role of a down-on-their-luck character that needs money fast, so he or she contacts Andy Botwin for advice on how to cultivate exotic plants. Buy planters, adjust your grow lights, and harvest plants at the peak of perfection in order to win experience points, unlocking new strains of pot, new decorations, and new places to hide your stash.

And since this is a social game, you’ll be able to buy and sell with your friends from all over the world. Just don’t set the neighbourhood on fire, or it’ll be just like the Superdome.

I may have watched one or two episodes of Weeds when no one was watching, but I was just in it for the music.

Weeds Social Club [Facebook]


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