If Bioshock Infinite Encourages Cosplay Like This, I'm All For It

Russian cosplayer Ormeli offers her take on Bioshock Infinite's "Elizabeth", the emotive sidekick that accompanies you throughout your adventure in a time-rent floating city. It's a little bit Alice in Wonderland, a little bit Alice in Wonderland at the adult costume shop. Either way: bring on the Lizbots!

Elizabeth Cosplay [Flickr via Reddit]


    I know part of it is the photography, but that's incredible.

    Oh my...

    Never had much interest in cosplay culture, but this is...I need to lie down.

    sorry, bust too small...

      A wise man once said that more than a handful is wasted.

        Actually, what he said was anything more than a handful and you're risking a sprained thumb.

        As someone who's ex had natural E-cups, yes, more than a handful is indeed a waste. And I have big hands.

          As someone who's ex had DD breast implants. More than a handful definitely isn't a waste. You're just doing it wrong :)

    just fell off my chair...

    I just melted - she and the cosplay are both absolutely stunning!

    How is it cosplay if it isn't Japanese? It's a costume. Damn Weeaboo terms.

      cosplay is just the words costume play morphed together. Would you prefer they say dress up? You must also despise the word Kotaku because otaku is a japanese word.

      Also, it's probably comforting for that cosplayer to know that she worked her arse off making the dress only to be dismissed because her breasts aren't big enough. I think it looks absolutely amazing.

    I think we've met:)


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